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Adapter for DIP16-SOP8/ SOP14/ SOP16 (150 mil) (Code: 805)

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Manufacturer: Japan
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Adapter for DIP16-SOP8/ SOP14/ SOP16 (150 mil)
Made in Japan


List of chips

ACE Technology Co.LTD.: ACE24C02 ACE24C04 ACE24C08 ACE24C16 ACE24C02A ACE24C04A ACE24C08A ACE24C16A ACE24C32 ACE24C64 ACE24C128 ACE24C256 ACE24LC02 ACE24LC04 ACE24LC08 ACE24LC16 ACE93C46

AKM Semiconductor Co.: AK6002AF AK6004AF AK6008AF AK6010AF AK6012AF AK6420AF AK6440AF AK6480AF AK6480CF AK6510AF AK6512AF AK6514CF AK6516CF AK93C45F AK93C45LF AK93C45AF AK93C46F AK93C46MF AK93C47F AK93C55AF AK93C57F AK93C65AF AK93C67F AK93C85AF AK93C95AF AK93C10AF

Amic Technology Inc.: A25L512 A25L010 A25L020 A25L040 A25L080 A25L05P A25L10P A25L20P A25L40P A25L80P

Anachip Corporation (ATC): AM24LC02 AM24LC04 AM24LC08 AM24LC16 AM24LC21 AM24LC21B AM93LC46 AM93LC46G AM93LC46I AM93LC46B AM93LC46V AM93LC46D AM93LC56 AM93LC56G AM93LC56I AM93LC56B AM93LC56V AM93LC56D AM93LC66 AM93LC66G AM93LC66I AM93LC66B AM93LC66V AM93LC66D AM93LC86

Angstrem: KP5004PC1 K5004PC2

Aplus Flash Technology: AF24BC01 AF24BC02 AF24BC04 AF24BC08 AF24BC16 AF24BC32 AF24BC64 AF24BC128 AF24BC256 AF93BC46 AF93BC56 AF93BC66 AF93BC86

Artschip Inc.: 24AA128 24LC01B 24LC02B 24LC04B 24LC08B 24LC16B 24LC32B 24LC64B 24LC128

ATC Semiconductor: ATC24C02 ATC24C04 ATC24C08 ATC24C16 ATC24LC02 ATC24LC04 ATC24LC08 ATC24LC16 ATC93C46 ATC93C56 ATC93C66 ATC93LC46 ATC93LC56 ATC93LC66

Atmel Corporation: AT17LV65 AT17LV128 AT17LV256 AT17N256 AT24C01 AT24C01A AT24C01B AT24C11 AT24C21 AT24C02 AT24C02-S AT24C02A AT24C02A-S AT24C02B AT24HC02B AT24C04 AT24C04-S AT24C04A AT24C04A-S AT24C04B AT24HC04B AT24C08 AT24C08-S AT24C08A AT24C08A-S AT24C08B AT24C16 AT24C16-S AT24C16A AT24C16B AT24C164 AT24C32 AT24C32-S AT24C32A AT24C32B AT24C32C AT24C64 AT24C64-S AT24C64A AT24C64B AT24C64C AT24C128 AT24C128B AT24C256 AT24C256B AT24C256C AT24C512B AT24C1024B AT24CS128 AT24RF08S-M AT24RF08S-P AT25010 AT25010A AT25020 AT25020A AT25040 AT25040A AT25080 AT25080A AT25080B AT25160 AT25160A AT25160B AT25320 AT25320A AT25320B AT25640 AT25640A AT25640B AT25128 AT25128A AT25128-N1 AT25256A AT25512 AT25F512 AT25F512A AT25F512B AT25F1024 AT25F1024A AT25F2048 AT25FS010 AT25DF021 AT25DF041A AT25DF081 AT25DF161 AT26DF081A AT26DF161A AT34C02 AT34C02C AT45DB011DS AT45DB021DS AT45DB041DS AT45DB081DS AT88SC0104 AT88SC0204 AT88SC0404 AT88SC0808 AT88SC1616 AT88SC3216 AT88SC6416 AT88SC12816 AT88SC25616 Tiny13 Tiny13V Tiny24 Tiny24V Tiny44 Tiny44V Tiny84 Tiny84V AT93C46 AT93C46A AT93C46C AT93C46D AT93C46E AT93C46R AT93C56 AT93C56A AT93C57 AT93C66 AT93C66A AT93C86 AT93C86A

Belling Corp. Ltd: BL24C02 BL24C04 BL24C08 BL24C16 BL24C32 BL24C64 BL24C128 BL24C256

BJX: BJX24C01 BJX24C02 BJX24C04 BJX24C08 BJX24C016 BJX24C032 BJX24LC01 BJX24LC02 BJX24LC04 BJX24LC08 BJX24LC16 BJX24LC32 BJX24LC64 BJX24LC128 BJX24LC256

Bookly Microelectronics: 24C02 24C04 24C08 24C16 24C32 24C64

Catalyst Semiconductor: CAT24C00 CAT24C01 CAT24C01B CAT24C02 CAT24C04 CAT24C08 CAT24C16 CAT24C21 CAT24C44 CAT24AC128 CAT24FC01 CAT24FC02 CAT24FC16 CAT24FC32 CAT24FC256 CAT24WC01 CAT24WC02 CAT24WC03 CAT24WC04 CAT24WC05 CAT24WC08 CAT24WC16 CAT24WC164 CAT24WC32 CAT24WC33 CAT24WC64 CAT24WC65 CAT24WC66 CAT24WC128 CAT24WC129 CAT25010 CAT25C01 CAT25C11 CAT25020 CAT25C02 CAT25C03 CAT25040 CAT25C04 CAT25C05 CAT25C08 CAT25C09 CAT25C16 CAT25C17 CAT25C32 CAT25C33 CAT25C64 CAT25C65 CAT25C128 CAT25C128S CAT25C256 CAT25C256S CAT34AC02 CAT34FC02 CAT34WC02 CAT35C102 CAT35C104 CAT35C108 CAT35C116 CAT64LC10J CAT64LC10S CAT64LC20J CAT64LC20S CAT64LC40J CAT64LC40S CAT93C46 CAT93C46J CAT93C56 CAT93C56J CAT93C57 CAT93C57J CAT93C66 CAT93C66J CAT93C86 CAT93C86J CAT93HC46 CAT93HC46J

CBC Microelectronics: MC24LC02 MC24LC04 MC24LC08 MC24LC16

Ceramate Technical: 24LC02 24LC08 24LLC02 24LLC08 24LLC16

Chipswinner El.Co.: CW24C02 CW24C02B CW24C04 CW24C04A CW24C08 CW24C08B CW24C16 CW24C16A CW24C32 CW24C64

Coreriver Semiconductor Inc.: CR24C01 CR24C02 CR24C04 CR24C08 CR24C16 CR24C32 CR24C64 CR24C128 CR24C256 CR93C46 CR93C46-W

Dallas Semiconductor: DS1307 DS2501 DS2502 DS2505 DS2506

E-CMOS Corporation: EC24C02 EC24C04 EC24C08 EC24C16 EC24C32 EC24C64 EC24C128 EC24C256 EC93C46

Elan Microelectronics: EM25LV512 EM25LV010

Elite Semiconductor: F25L004A

Eon Silicon Dev.: EN25B05 EN25B10 EN25B20 EN25B40 EN25F05 EN25F10 EN25F20 EN25F40 EN25LF05 EN25LF10 EN25LF20 EN25LF40 EN25P05 EN25P10 EN25P20 EN25P40 EN25S10 EN25S20 EN25S40 EN25S80 EN25T40 EN25Q40 EN25Q80A EN25Q16

Exel Semiconductor: XL24C02 XL24C04 XL24C08 XL24C16 XL35LC101 XL35LC102 XL35LC104 XL93LC46AY XL93LC46ARY XL93LC56AY XL93LC56ARY

Fairchild Semiconductor: FM24C02U FM24C03U FM24C04U FM24C05U FM24C08U FM24C09U FM24C16U FM24C17U FM24C32U FM24C64U FM24C128U FM24C256U FM25C020U FM25C040U FM25C041U FM25C160U FM25C640U FM34W02U FM93C06 FM93C46 FM93C46T FM93C46A FM93C46AT FM93C56 FM93C56A FM93C66 FM93C66A FM93C86A FM93CS46 FM93CS46T FM93CS56 FM93CS66

Holtek Semicon. Inc.: HT24LC01 HT24LC02 HT24LC04 HT24LC08 HT24LC16 HT24LC32 HT24LC64 HT24C128 HT24C256 HT93LC46 HT93LC46B HT93LC56 HT93LC56B HT93LC66 HT93LC66B HT93LC86

Hynix (Hyundai): HY93C46

ISS Inc.: IS24C01 IS24C01B IS24C02 IS24C02A IS24C02B IS24C04 IS24C04A IS24C08 IS24C08A IS24C16 IS24C16A IS24C32 IS24C32A IS24C32B IS24C64 IS24C64A IS24C64B IS24C128 IS24C256 IS25C01 IS25C02 IS25C04 IS25C08 IS25C16 IS25C32 IS25C32A IS25C64 IS25C64A IS25C128 IS25C256 IS34C02 IS93C46G IS93C46GR IS93C46A IS93C46AG IS93C46AGR IS93C46B IS93C46BG IS93C46BGR IS93C56G IS93C56GR IS93C56A IS93C66G IS93C66GR IS93C66A IS93C76A IS93C86A

Macronix Co.: KH25L512A KH25L1005 KH25L1005A KH25L2005 KH25L2025 KH25L4005 KH25L4005A KH25L4025A KH25L8005 KH25L1605D KH25L3205 KH25L3205A KH25L6405 KH25L6405D MX25L512 MX25L512C MX25L1005 MX25L1005C MX25L1025C MX25L2005 MX25L2005C MX25L2025C MX25L4005 MX25L4005A MX25L4005C MX25L4025C MX25L8005 MX25L1605D

Microchip Technology Inc.: 24AA00 24AA01 24AA014 24AA024 24AA02 24AA04 24AA08 24AA16 24AA164 24AA32A 24AA52 24AA64 24AA128 24AA256 24C00 24C01A 24C01B 24C01C 24C02A 24C02B 24C02C 24C04A 24FC128 24FC256 24LC00 24LC01B 24LC014 24LC024 24LC025 24LC02B 24LC04B 24LC08B 24LC16B 24LC164 24LC21 24LC32A 24LC64 24LC128 24LC256 24LCS21 24LCS22 24LCS52 25AA010A 25LC010A 25AA020A 25LC020A 25C040 25AA040 25LC040 25AA040A 25LC040A 25C080 25AA080 25LC080 25AA080A 25AA080B 25LC080A 25LC080B 25C160 25AA160 25LC160 25AA160B 25AA160B 25LC160B 25LC160B 25C320 25AA320 25LC320 25AA320A 25LC320A 25C640 25AA640 25LC640 25AA256 25LC256 93C06 93C46 93C46X 93C56 93C66 93C76 93C86 93AA46 93AA46X 93AA56 93AA56X 93AA66 93AA66X 93AA76 93AA86 93LC46 93LC46X 93LC56 93LC56X 93LC66 93LC66X 93LC76 93LC86 93AA46A 93AA46B 93AA46C 93C46A 93C46B 93C46C 93LC46A 93LC46B 93LC46BX 93LC46C 93AA56A 93AA56B 93AA56C 93C56A 93C56B 93C56C 93LC56A 93LC56B 93LC56BX 93LC56C 93AA66A 93AA66B 93AA66C 93C66A 93C66B 93C66C 93LC66A 93LC66B 93LC66BX 93LC66C 93AA76C 93C76C 93LC76C 93AA86C 93C86C 93LC86C 93LCS56 93LCS56-SL 93LCS66 93LCS66-SL P12C508A P12LC508A P12C509A P12LC509A P12CE518 P12LCE518 P12CE519 P12LCE519 P12F508 P12F509 P12F510 P12F519 P12F609 P12HV609 P12F615 P12HV615 P12F617 P12F629 P12F635 P12F675 P12F683 P16C505 P16LC505 P16F505 P16F506 P16F526 P16F610 P16HV610 P16F616 P16HV616 P16F630 P16F636 P16F676 P16F684 P16F688 P12F1822 P12LF1822 P16F1823 P16F1824 P16F1825 P16LF1823 P16LF1824 P16LF1825

Myson Century: MTV24C08 MTV24LC08 MTV24C16 MTV24LC16

National Semiconductor: NM24C02 NM24C02L NM24C03 NM24C03L NM24C04 NM24C04L NM24C05 NM24C05L NM24C08 NM24C08L NM24C09 NM24C09L NM24C16 NM24C16L NM24C17 NM24C17L NM24C65 NM24C65L NM25C020 NM25C020L NM25C04 NM25C04L NM25C040 NM25C040L NM25C160 NM25C160L NM93C06 NM93C06L NM93C06T NM93C06TL NM93C13 NM93C14 NM93C14T NM93C46 NM93C46A NM93C46AL NM93C46L NM93C46T NM93C46TL NM93C56 NM93C56A NM93C56L NM93C56M NM93C56T NM93C56TL NM93C66 NM93C66A NM93C66L NM93C66M NM93C86 NM93C86A NM93CS06 NM93CS06L NM93CS46 NM93CS46L NM93CS56 NM93CS56L NM93CS56M NM93CS66 NM93CS66L NM93CS66M NMC9306 NMC9307 NMC9307M

NexFlash Tech. Inc.: NX25B40-B NX25B40-T NX25P10 NX25P20 NX25P40 NX25X20 NX25X40

Philips Semiconductor: PCA8581 PCA8581C PCF85102C PCF85103C PCF85116 PCF8582C PCF8594C P89LPC901 P89LPC902 P89LPC903 P89LPC904 P89LPC906 P89LPC907 P89LPC908

PMC Flash: PM25LV512 PM25LV010 PM25LV020 PM25LV040

Ramtron Corporation: FM24C04 FM24C16 FM24C64 FM24CL04 FM24CL16 FM24CL64 FM25040 FM25160 FM25640 FM25256 FM25C040 FM25C160 FM25CL04 FM25CL64 FM25L04 FM25L16 FM25L256 FM25W256

Rohm Semiconductor: BR24C01A BR24C02 BR24C04 BR24C08 BR24C16 BR24E16 BR24L01A BR24L02 BR24L04 BR24L08 BR24L16 BR24L32 BR24L64 BR24C21 BR24S16 BR24S32 BR24S64 BR24S128 BR24S256 BR25010 BR25020 BR25040 BR25080 BR25160 BR25320 BR25640 BR25L010 BR25L020 BR25L040 BR25L080 BR25L160 BR25L320 BR25L640 BR25H010 BR25H020 BR25H040 BR25H080 BR25H160 BR25H320 BR93C46 BR93C56 BR93C66 BR93C76 BR93C86 BR93C46T BR93C56T BR93C66T BR93C76T BR93C86T BR93H56RF BR93H66RF BR93H76RF BR93H86RF BR93L46F BR93L46RF BR93L56F BR93L66F BR93L76F BR93L76RF BR93L86F BR93L86RF

Saifun Semicon. Ltd.: SA25C512H SA25C512L SA25C1024H SA25C1024L SA25C005 SA25C010 SA25C020 SA25C040 SA25F005 SA25F010 SA25F020 SA25F040

Samsung Electronics: KS24L321 KS24L641 S524A10 S524A11 S524A20 S524A21 S524A40 S524A41 S524A81 S524A51 S524A91 S524AB1 S524AH1 S524C10 S524C11 S524C20 S524C21 S524C40 S524C41 S524C80 S524C81 S524C51 S524L51 S524L91 S524LB1

Sanyo Electric Co.: LE25FW106 LE25FW206 LE25FW406

Seiko Instruments: S-24C01A S-24C02A S-24C04A S-24C08A S-24C16A S-24C01B S-24C02B S-24C04B S-24CS01A S-24CS02A S-24CS04A S-24CS08A S-24CS16A S-24CS64A S-29130ADFJ S-29130AFJ S-29131AFJ S-29220ADFJ S-29220AFJ S-29221AFJ S-29230ADFJ S-29230AFJ S-29231AFJ S-29330ADFJ S-29330AFJ S-29331AFJ S-29530A S-29630A S-29590A S-29690A S-29190AFJ S-29191AFJ S-29194AFJ S-29290AFJ S-29291AFJ S-29294AFJ S-29390AFJ S-29391AFJ S-29394AFJ S-93C46ADFJ S-93C46AFJ S-93C46BD S-93C46BR S-93C56ADFJ S-93C56AFJ S-93C56BD S-93C56BR S-93C66ADFJ S-93C66AFJ S-93C66BD S-93C66BR S-93C76A

Siemens (Infineon): SDE2526 SDE25X26 SLA24C01 SLE24C01 SLA24C02 SLE24C02 SLA24C04 SLE24C04 SLA24C08 SLE24C08 SLA24C16 SLE24C16 SLA24C164 SLE24C164 SLA24C32 SLE24C32 SLA24C64 SLE24C64

Spansion LLC.: S25FL001D S25FL040A S25FL040AT S25FL040AB

SST Inc.: SST25LF020A SST25VF512 SST25VF512A SST25VF010 SST25VF010A SST25VF020 SST45VF512 SST45VF010 SST45VF020

STMicroelectronics: M2201 M2201V M24C01 M24C01R M24C01W M24C02 M24C02R M24C02W M24C04 M24C04R M24C04W M24C08 M24C08R M24C08W M24C16 M24C16R M24C16W M24C164 M24C164R M24C164W M24C32 M24C32R M24C32W M24C64 M24C64R M24C64W M24128 M24128R M24128W M24256 M24256R M24256W M24256BR M24256BW M24512R M24512W M24M01R M25P05 M25P05A M25P10 M25P10A M25P20 M25P40 M25P80 M25P16 M25PE10 M25PE20 M25PE40 M25PE80 M45PE10 M45PE20 M34C02 M34W02 M34F04 M35080 M35080i M93C06 M93C06R M93C06W M93C46 M93C46R M93C46W M93C46T M93C46TR M93C46TW M93C56 M93C56R M93C56W M93C56T M93C56TR M93C56TW M93C66 M93C66R M93C66W M93C66T M93C66TR M93C66TW M93C76 M93C76R M93C76W M93C86 M93C86R M93C86W M93S46 M93S46R M93S46W M93S56 M93S56R M93S56W M93S66 M93S66R M93S66W M95010 M95010R M95010W M95020 M95020R M95020W M95040 M95040R M95040W M95080 M95080R M95080W M95160 M95160R M95160W M95320 M95320R M95320W M95640 M95640R M95640W M95128 M95128R M95128W M95256 M95256R M95256W M95512 M95512R M95512W ST24FC21 ST24FW21 ST24LC21 ST24LC21B ST24LW21 ST24C01 ST24C01R ST24C02 ST24C02R ST24C04 ST24C04R ST24C08 ST24C08R ST24C16 ST24164 ST24E16 ST24W01 ST24W02 ST24W04 ST24W08 ST24W16 ST25C01 ST25C02 ST25C04 ST25C08 ST25C16 ST25164 ST25E16 ST25W01 ST25W02 ST25W04 ST25W08 ST25W16 ST93C06 ST93C46 ST93C46T ST93C47 ST93C47T ST93C56 ST93C57 ST93C66 ST93C67 ST93CS46 ST93CS47 ST93CS56 ST93CS57 ST93CS66ML ST93CS67ML ST95010 ST95010W ST95011 ST95020 ST95020W ST95021 ST95022 ST95040 ST95040W ST95041 ST95080 ST95080W ST95081 ST95P02 ST95P04 ST95P08

Summit Inc.: S24VP02 S24VP04 S24VP16 S24022 S24023 S24042 S24043 S24163 S4242 S42WD42 S4261 S42WD61 S93462 S93662 S93PV462 S93PV662 S93WD462 S93WD662 S93463 S93663 S93PV463 S93PV663 S93WD463 S93WD663

Taiwan Micropaq Corp.: TMC24A01 TMC24A02 TMC24A04 TMC24A08 TMC24A16 TMC93LC46 TMC93LC56 TMC93LC57 TMC93LC66 TMC93LC86

Turbo IC, Inc.: TU24C01 TU24C02 TU24C04 TU24C08 TU24C16 TU24C32 TU24C64 TU24C128 TU24C256 TU25C128 TU25C256 TU93C46 TU93C56 TU93C66

Winbond Corporation: W25B40-B W25B40-T W25P10 W25P20 W25P40 W25X10 W25X10A W25X10AL W25X10L W25X20 W25X20A W25X20AL W25X20L W25X40 W25X40A W25X40AL W25X40L W25X80A W25X80AL

Xicor Inc.: X24012 X24022 X24042 X24164 X24165 X24256 X24C00 X24C01 X24C02 X24C04 X24C08 X24C16 X24C44 X24C45 X4043 X4163 X5043 X5045 X24F016 X24F032 X24F064 X24F128-S X24F016-5 X24F032-5 X24F064-5 X24F128-S5 X25010 X25020 X25040 X25160 X25170 X25320 X25330 X25650 X25138 X25256

YMC (Yield Microelectronics): Y25F05 Y25F10


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