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How to install the CISS on Epson XP 313/ 413

Came out the new model from the series Epson Expression Home, namely the XP-313 and XP-413, they came to replace Epson Expression Home XP-306 and XP-406. Changes in these models are minimal; the difference is only in the firmware. The old compatible consumable does not work on the new models, so the refillable cartridges and the CISS for Epson Expression Home XP-313 and XP-413 or Epson Expression Home XP-306 and XP-406 is different.

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In this article we will show you how to install the CISS on the MFP Epson Expression Home XP-313 / XP-413.

Take the CISS for MFP, it should include the donors for the ink, the cable, the CISS cartridges, the chip, the rubber crock, the filters, the fixturing ( Figure 1).

 СНПЧ для Epson Expression Home XP 313/ XP413

Figure 1.

Fill the ink into the donors, but not by halves, do not add about 2-3 cm, Figure 2.

 Заправка донjров СНПЧ на Epson XP 313/ XP 413

Figure 2.

Insert the rubber cork into the holes for filling ink, and into the air holes insert the filter (Figure 3).

 Уровень до которого заливать чернила

Figure 3.

Next, begin to pump through the cables and the CISS cartridges, In order to do it take out of the transparent rubber crocks on the cartridges, insert the syringe without the needle into the cartridges, and begin to pump out the air. As soon as the syringe will begin to be filled with ink, immediately remove it and insert the rubber crock. In the cartridge should be the ink as little as possible (Figure 4).


 Прокачка чернилами шлейфов и картриджей СНПЧ

Figure 4.

Once you pumped the whole system, take out the filter and plugging the air inlet with the rubber crock. Then turn over donors on its side, the ink leave the compartment air to the one for the ink. Put donors in a normal position, take out the rubber crocks, set the filter on it place. In the air compartment the level of ink should be about 1 cm (Figure 5).

 Уровень в воздушного отсека в донорах СНПЧ

Figure 5.

Getting installing the CISS on MFP. Turn on. The Epson indicates that it is necessary to replace one or all ink cartridges, click on 'Start. The MFP carriage goes to the ink replace position (Figure 6)

 Вывод каретки в позицию замены чернил

Figure 6.

Disconnect the power cord from the MFP. The printer turns off (Figure 7). Now it would be easy to move the carriage to the left and right.

 Принтер в выключенном состоянии

Figure 7.

Remove the original cartridge; insert the cartridge unit from the CISS inserted to the end, until it engages (Figure 8).

 Устанавливаем блок картриджей в каретку МФУ

Figure 8.

Move the carriage to the left, set the mount for the cable (Figure 9).

 Каретка в крайнем левом положении, установлено крепление шлейфа

Figure 9.

Move the carriage to the far right. Look for the cable it should be stretch, but didn’t the carriage to move from the one position to another. Set the second fastening for the CISS cable (Figure 10, 11).

 Каретка в крайнем правом положении

Figure 10.

 Установлен второй крепеж шлейфа

Figure 11.

Turn on the printer, it shows: '' The quality of the ink does not be out off the original'' click '' Next '. Next you will see the message '' Did you know that the printer Epson has created special ink and the paper?”; click on 'Next' ', the screen displays: 'Independent research has shown that for the best performance of the printer it is necessary to use only the original ink and the paper Epson. If the ink level is not displayed or the print quality has declined, the reason is in the use of non-genuine ink. Continue? '' Then, if you want to use non-original consumables click on ''Next ''. If you do not want to do it push '' Back '', but then you have to buy a set of original cartridges (Figure 12, 13).

 Предупреждение Epson о не оригинальных расходных материалов

Figure 12.

 Предупреждение Epson о не оригинальных расходных материалов 2

Figure 13.

 Make some cleaning of the print head and print the nozzle test. It shouldn’t have any gaps. If there are gaps, we recommend you to see the article: Epson with the CISS: the main trouble. The process of installing the CISS on Epson Expression Home XP-413 is completed.

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