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How to install the CISS on Epson Expression Photo XP-750 / XP-850

The new Epson policy in Russia is not making money on supplies as in Europe and America, but earns on a higher price of the printer or MFP. Since Russia sold a very little percent of genuine consumables, the Epson decided not only to raise the price of the printer in Russia, but also reduced the number of printers and MFPs that sold in Russia. As for today, most printers, that soldered in Russia, it’s printers and MFPs with CISS and the ink which themselves are too expensive, and the really good printers are not sold in Russia. For example, MFP Epson Expression Photo lines are not sold in Russia, though they can be considered as printers specifically designed to print photos.

In this article, we show you how to install the CISS on Epson Expression Photo XP-750, XP-850.

 You will need the CISS, ink, fasteners  for the cable and we even use the stationery clip.  

Refillable cartridges for Epson Expression Photo XP-750.

CISS for Epson Expression Photo XP-750.

Ink for Epson Expression Photo XP-750.

You need to fill the ink into the CISS container, leave a couple of centimeters to the top, for that in the future you can pour ink from air unit (Figure 1).

 Заполнение чернилами ёмкостей СНПЧ

Figure 1.


Insert the rubber crocks; the air holes must be open, it is better to insert another filter (Figure 2).

 Установка пробок, в воздушных отверстиях филтра

Figure 2.


Next, go to the pumping of cable and cartridges; insert the syringe into the air hole and begin to pump out the air. Put the cartridge vertically and fill the ink unit. Once it filled, take out the syringe and insert the rubber crock into the air hole (Figure 3, 4).

 Шприц в воздушном отверстии картриджа


Figure 3.


 Заполнение чернилами картриджей СНПЧ

Figure 4.


Wait until the ink is filled the sponge. If in the unit for the ink you will have less than a quarter, then you need to repeat the pumping of CISS again (Figure 5). 

 Губка не заполнена чернилами, в отсеке для чернил в картридже меньше четверти чернил

Figure 5.

Scroll all cartridges. The CISS pumping may take a long time for inexperienced specialist (Figure 6).

 СНПЧ прокачана

Figure 6.


Pinch the cable by using the clips (Figure 7).

 Пережимаем шлейф в любом месте



Figure 7.

Remove the orange caps from the CISS cartridges, put on the paper. Give the excess ink flow out to the sponge. Look for colors, they shouldn’t be mixed (Figure 8).

 Снимаем оранжевые колпачки, лишние чернила с губки стекают на бумагу

Figure 8.


As soon as the ink didn’t leak into the paper proceed to install CISS. Turn on the MFP, move the carriage to the cartridge replacement position. Pull out the power cord from the printer (Figure 9).

 Каретка в позиции замены чернил

Figure 9.


Insert the cartridges to the MFP carriage MFP, fix the cable (Figure 10).

 Установка катртиджей СНПЧ в принтер

Figure 10.


Move the carriage to the left, set the fasteners for the cable, and lock the cable into it (Figure 11).

 Каретка в крайнем левом положении, установка крепления шлейфа

Figure 11.


Move the carriage to the far right, watch  nothing have prevented the carriage to move (Figure 12).

 Каретка в крайнем правом положении

Figure 12.

Turn on the MFP, make a few cleaning and print a nozzle test. If you've a gaps, then watch what a sponge was completely soaked and into the cartridge unit was at least a quarter of the ink. Give the MFP a few hours, do two more cleaning, print the nozzle test. 

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