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Print Head Cleaning for Epson R290,T50,T59,P50,P59


Print Head Cleaning for Epson R290,T50,T59,P50,P59


We recommend clean it with our special shop chemical cleaner for the printer.

In this article we want to tell and show how to clean the print head in Epson R290, T50, T59, P50, P59. These printers are identical in mechanics do their repair, disassembly, cleaning the print head are the same. Other printers of this manufacturer are disassembly in the same way, but have some nuances. All action you can divided into three steps: disassembling printerclean the print head, assemble the printer. 

You can see the service manual for Epson T50 

We see the Epson R290 printer with CIS which needs cleaning its print head. We can demonstrate how easile you can dismantle, assemble the printer and clean the print head with this simple example. 

Print Head Cleaning for Epson

Figure 1

Disassembling printer

Open the printer cover and see the carriage you need to set in the position of the pelacement cartridge for the extraction your CIS and further work on the repair. 

In order to put the carriage to the cartridge replacement position you need to roll gear in a counterclockwise direction as shown in Figure 2. 

roll gear

Figure 2

When you roll the gear the stopper that bloked the carriage must move (Figure 3, 4).

Print Head Cleaning for Epson

Figure 3

stopper moved

Figure 4

Put the carriage to the cartridge replacement position, as shown in Figure 5.

carriage in the position

Figure 5

Remove the cartridge and see the print head.

print head

Figure 6

Move the carriage to the left so you can easily remove the ribbon cable from CSIC, as shown in Figure 7, 8.

remove the ribbon cable

Figure 7

remove the ribbon cable

Figure 8

In order to remove the CSIC you need to press the two triggers, which located on the edges of the carriage. At the beginning you need to press the triggers on the left side, raising up the left side of the board. Then press the triggers on the rigt (Figure 9). At the same time you need to raise the all CSIC (Figure 10). 

remove the CSIC

Figure 9

remove the CSIC

Figure 10

View of removed board

Notice on the protuberances that fixed board in the carriage. 

view of CSIC


view of CSIC

view of CSIC

knife rest

The board can be easily removed with the knife-rest.

Remove the CSIC and unbolt three bolts that hold the print head to the carriage (Figure 11, 12)

remove the print head

Figure 11

remove the print head

Figure 12

Remove the ribbon cable which leading to the print head, for this you need to remove the side plate, protecting the ribbon cable from physical impacts (Figure 13).  Now you can remove the print head (Figure 14, 15)

Remove the ribbon cable

Figure 13

Remove the ribbon cable

Figure 14

Remove the ribbon cable

Figure 15

So, we removed our print head.

print head

Figure 16

Каретка без головки

Figure 17

The first step is completed. Next step is cleaning the print head.

Cleaning the print head.

First of all you need to clean the print head from ink and dust with dry and clean cloth.

clean the print head

Figure 18

Pumped out any ink residues (Figure 19)Do it with all six colours. 

Pumped out the ink

Figure 19

Once you pumped out all the paint from the print head you need to take another dry syringe with the washing liquid and insert it into the nozzle (Figure 20, 21).

cleaning the print head of Epson

Figure 20

cleaning the print head of Epson


Figure 21

Raise the print head with a syringe and start to pressure on the syringe plunger. First, the washing liquid may drip from the nozzle (Figure 22)

cleaning the print head of Epson

Figure 22

Than there can be fitful "wall" (Figure 23)

cleaning the print head of Epson

Figure 23

Perhaps the nozzles can be in good condition and the "wall" will not be fitful. If you want a good result of nizzle test you need to ensure there were no gaps (Figure 24). If you have a result as shown in Figure 22, 23 you should stop pressure on the syringe plunger. Carefully remove our syringe with the washing liquid and insert into the nozzle the syringe by which you're pumped out the ink at the beginning (Figure 25). Once you pumped out the washing liquid it's necessary to insert a syringe with the washing liquid once again and pressure on the syringe plunger. It's necessary to do few times until the "wall" will not to be flat. 

flat "wall"

Figure 24

As a result you should get the flat "wall" on each of the four colors. Once you're sure that you're completely clean all colours, you need to pumped out all the washing liquid from the print head. Also you need to watch for the board into the print head and make sure it will not get wet (Figure 26)

carefully dry

Figure 25

Don't insert the print head with a wet board. It can lead to burning the print head, if your board get wet it's necessary to dry the board. This is usually done with the hairdryer. 

cleaning the print head

Figure 26

cleaning the print head

Figure 27

You need to wipe the print head with clean and dry cloth, also you need to wipe contact point on the ribbon cable, that connects to the print head (Figure 29, 30).  If your ribbon cable get wet your transistors and the fuse can burn. You can see the details in this article - Epson doesn't recognize cartridge.

cleaning the print head

Figure 28

cleaning the print head

Figure 29

Another step is completed. Our next step - assemble the printer.

Assemble the printer.

Connect the ribbon cable with your print head (Figure 30). 

Assemble the printer

Figure 30

Return our print head back in the carriage and screwed three bolts (Figure 31).

Assemble the printer

Figure 31

Snaps the plate that protect our ribbon cable (Figure 32)

clean the Epson printer

Figure 32

Return the CSIC, clean the ribbon cable with a dry cloth and insert it as shown in Figure 33,34,35,36.

clean the Epson printer

Figure 33

clean the Epson printer

Figure 34

clean the Epson printer

Figure 35

clean the Epson printer

Figure 36

 Set the CISS and cartridge (you can see how to install the CISS here). Turn on the printer. Do the two head print cleaning and print the nozzle test. If some nozzles doesn't print well, perhaps you don't fully cleaned it and there was no "wall". Or maybe there's an air in your print head, in this case you need to wait for about 2 or 4 hours until the air left your printer. You can also see how to clean the print heat without removing it and printing problem due the CISS here.


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