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Counter reset of the waste ink in Epson printers

Counter reset of the waste ink in Epson printers (overflow of the waste ink absorber)

When you turn on your printer or clean the print head through the driver, your printer uses ink. Those inks are sent to a special foam sponge. The printer count the number of the clean and when the counter overflows youк printer showed you the eror. “Maintenance required".

Standard indicator is alternating the indicator: red, the paper and “drop”.

waste ink absorber reset Epson

You can remove and clean the foam. Or you can take away into the tank.

You can reset the message by using the special program - Adjustment program for Epson. Each printer has it's own version of program.
You need to change the date before you starting the program.

For the reset the waste ink absorber you need to following this actions:


For example, reset the waste ink absorber for Epson T50

Connect the printer

Start the sevice program

service program Epson

Choose the "Particular adjustrment mode"

wast ink absorber Epson

Start the "Consumables maintenance counter" (in other version the "Waste Ink Pad Counter")

wast ink absorber Epson

Click on "Check". The program checks the printer.

If all are ok, the printer shows you the overflow of the counter.

Chech the box "Main Pad Countre, Platen Pad Conter"

Click on "Initializatiion". Than the program asks you to turn off and turn on the printer.

The counter is reset.







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