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Epson With CISS, The Main Troubles

In this article we want to show you how to solve this problem: "Don’t print the printer with CISS".

This article is not about the cleaning of the print head. You can see it in another articles: “Cleaning the print head for Epson R290, T50, P50” and “Cleaning the print head for Epson SX125, SX130”. If you have a choked print head, and the usual cleaning doesn’t help, you should read this article!

There are several reasons why the printer isn’t printing:

1) There is no ink in the ribbon cable and in the cartridge in CISS.

2) The ink in cans are not correctly filled (you filled the compartment for air with ink).

2) Pinched or black out the ribbon cable.

3) Don’t work filters.

4) The cartridge of CISS induced air.

5) Black out the print head 

Print Head Cleaning for Epson R290,T50,T59,P50,P59

Print Head Cleaning for Epson SX125, SX130

Let's consider in detail.

When you’re use the printer you can get the air into the ribbon cable or CISS cartridges. Because of it the print head will not work, there will not the ink. In order to vented with ink your CISS, you will need to take the syringe and pump out the air from the system. You can do it by pulling rubber plugs or through the nozzles of the print cartridge. (Figure 1, 2)

  Прокачка СНПЧ

Figure 1.


Прокачка СНПЧ
Figure 2.

If you remove the rubber plugs and you have the ink in the part there should be the air (Figure 3), you need to plug all the holes in the donor and flipped it (Figure 4). Then the air will move into the right part of the donors. If there no place for the air, pimping out the ink using the syringe (Figure 5).  

Уровень чернил
Figure 3.


Уровень чернил
Figure 4.


Уровень чернил
Figure 5.

Check the ribbon cable, it can't be pinched.
Also you need to check the air holes, they should be open (Figure 6).

Воздушные отверстия открыты

Figure 6.

If there the filter in the donors, you need to check that they aren’t clogged (Figure 7). Clogged filters black out the air. 

Два забитых фильтра

Figure 7.

If you have a CISS, note that the donors should have stood on the same level with the printer, not higher!

If you don’t used the cartridge for a long time, its rubber seal can weaken. If you remove the print cartridge the ink begin to flow. In this case will helped replaced.

If you have a choked print head, and the usual cleaning doesn’t help you can fill the washing liquid into the "park". Push the carriage to the "park" and wait for a few hours as shown (Figure 8). then do two cleaning circle and print the nozzle test.

Промывочная жидкость в парковке
Figure 8.

If you have a choked print head, and the usual cleaning doesn’t help you can clean it without removing from the printer. Dial in the syringe the washing liquid and gently, without splashing contacts, clean the print head. (Figurу 9, 10). Please note that you must have two syringes, one with clean washing liquid, the other one for pump up the fluid from the print head. Insert cartridges and doing two cleaning circle.

Прочистка печатающей головки
Figure 9.


Прочистка печатающей головки
Figure 10.

There can be the air after the cleaning the print head. It will be better if you're stood the printer for a few hours.




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