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How to install the CISS on Epson sx125, sx130

In this article we want to show you how to install the CISS on Epson SX125 / 130 MFP. All actions can be divided into two stages: preparation of the CISS and the process of installing the CISS on the MFP.

Preparing the CISS to work. You need to fill ink into the CISS ink.  Insert the funnel into the hole for the paint and start to pour the ink (Figure 1).

установка снпч

Figure 1

You shouldn’t pour the ink to the end, leaving about 2 cm of air. Once you've poured the ink remove the funnels and to insert the rubber crock. You should open the air holes. Now we vended the cable and cartridges with the ink, for this pry off the plug on the cartridges and the CISS and insert them (Figures 2, 3, 4, 5).

установка снпч

Figure 2

установка снпч

Figure 3

картриджи снпч

Figure 4

картриджи снпч

Figure 5

Insert a clean syringe and pump out the air (Figure 6, 7, 8, 9, 10). Immediately insert the stopper on its place. Pumped all four colors in this manner.

прокачиваем картриджи

Figure 6

прокачиваем картриджи

Figure 7

прокачиваем картриджи

Figure 8

прокачиваем картриджи

Figure 9

прокачиваем картриджи

Figure 10

As a result, we have the ink in the cartridges. In the ink tank we have something like this (Figure 11, 12).

прокачка банок

Figure 11

уровень чернил в банках

Figure 12

Now we have to get rid form the air into the ink, for this stuff up an air hole by using the rubber crock (Figure 13). 

прокачиваем чернила в банках

Figure 13

Turn to the side and send the ink from the air part of the donors to the ink part (Figure 14).

выставляем гидроуровень

Figure 14

It should look as shown in Figure 15,16,17.

правильный уровень чернила

Figure 15

правильный уровень чернила

Figure 16

правильный уровень чернил

Figure 17

Now proceed to the installation of CISS into the MFP. 

First you need to bring the carriage to the middle, for that you need to remove the fixing rod inside the carriage (Figure 18). You can do it with your finger.

установка снпч

Figure 18

Move the carriage to the middle (Figure 19).

установка снпч

Figure 19

You need the pass CISS through the hole for the cartridge replacement (Figure 20, 21)

установка картриджей

Figure 20

установка картриджей снпч

Figure 21

Move the carriage to the parking lot (Figure 22).

установка снпч

Figure 22

Gently insert the cartridge from the CISS into the carriage (Figures 23, 24, 25, 26).

установка снпч

Figure 23

установка снпч

Figure 24

установка снпч

Figure 25

установка снпч

Figure 26

Fix the two triggers to the printer (Figure 27, 28)

прокладка шлейфа

Figure 27

прокладка шлейфа

Figure 28


Plug the power cord, turn on the MF, do the test nozzle. If you any problems leave the printer for a few hours, in order that the air would be released. If you need to clean the print head, you can see our article on "Disassembling and cleaning the print head".

Please note that the donor should be standing on the same level with the printer! You can't raise the donor!!!

Please note that the donors would have opened air holes!!!

If you have the problems with print, see our article "The basic malfunctions of the CISS".

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