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Epson: initial initialization

Not initialized - this message appeared after upgrading the P50 on the L800.

These actions need to be used in the case then after the upgrading the printer writes "Error of the waste ink absorber".  

The problem is the printer was just from the shop and it is not inserted cartridges yet. So after the firmware upgrading process with the dump from L800 the printer had problems? As it think in the eprom. And initial initialization. 

The ways to solve this problem:

1) Back to the P50 and do the initialize – running start up through the CISS or the refillable cartridges.

2) Upgrade the eprom with the dump from the T50 or P50 that was pass through the initialization.

3) Do the initialization using the service tool (adjustment program)

To me, it was easier to use the service tool - I've a good collection of it - link

The procedure is simple, but it is worth to enlarge upon this point:

Eprom initialization an example on L800

First you need to start up the adjustmen

We are interested in initial setting

initial setting epson

To enter you need to double-click on the desired point

Carefully read what is written on the title

начальная инициализация


1) Check the box to record in the eprom initial data (what we need)

2) Enter the printer's serial number

And click on Perform

After initialization, the printer will ask to restart.

инициализация L800

After the initialization it is necessary to register the serial number of the print head. There are many of so-called engineers who will tell you everything works fine even without it. But I hope you're not one of them. In addition, this is done very quickly.

Прописать ID головки

1) Enter into the Head ID the 33 numbers

2) Click on Input

Restart the printer

Head ID

I hope this article will help you to repair such a wonderful device. 




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