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Epson Doesn't Turn On

If your Epson printer doesn't turn on, then you should check the power supply. The power supply voltage must show you 5 and 42 V. This means that the power supply is undamaged and you should check the plane.

You should check the loop of the transistors. You can see how to do it in the article "Epson doesn't recognize cartridges".
In this article, we consider the case when the transistors, the chip encoder and two resistors for 34-35 ohms are burned. When the encoder chip burns it useless to change the transistors, they will burn again.

When the encoder chip burns, the printer don't turn on and also it whistles. We need to change all in blocks: the chip, the transistors and the resistors. We show on an example in the Epson T50.


If you can't repair the plane, we recommend you to buy a new card in the online store.



Figure 1 shows a chip encoder E09A7218A,  you can exactly understand burned it or not only if you check the loop of the transistors (Figure 2).

Шифратор E09A7218A на плате
Figure 1.

check the loop of transistors
Figure 2.

You can see the pinout of transistors in the article "The parameters of Epson transistors".
Another feature, if you check loop the Collector with the ground, the multimeter show you "0" (Figure 3).

Figure 3.
So we realized that transistors and the chip are defective. Now you need to check the loop of the two resistors on 34-35 ohms (Figure 4, 5).

check the loop of resistor 470 №1
Figure 4.

check the loop of resistor 470 №2
Figure 5.

As you can see they are defective too and need to change.
Desoldering the transistors and the resistors, it's not difficult at all. Change them into the intact (Figure 6).

You can buy the transistors in our online store 

Перепаянные транзисторы и резисторы
Figure 6.

We turn to the secure cryptoprocessor E09A7218A. You can find it at our online store. Warm up the chip and the track by a heat gun. Pry off from the one side. Waiting for a while, then do it from the other side. Remove refractory tin and change to another one (Figure 7).

Выпаивание шифратора E09A7218A
Figure 7.

Engage the chip by a heat gun. Finish the work with a soldering iron. Each stand need to be soldered and they shouldn't be soldered together (Figure 8).

Замена шифратора E09A7218A

Figure 8.
As a result, you must soldering the encoder E09A7218A, the transistors TT3034, TT3043, the two 470 ohm resistors 34-35. Insert the board into the printer, turn on it. The printer should work.

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