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How to install the CISS on Epson TX650

Instructions for the inner lining of the CISS for Epson Stylus Photo TX650 / TX659 and PX650 / PX659 / PX660.

We will show you how to install the CISS by using the inner liner through the example of Epson TX650 (Figure 1).

Epson tx560
Figure 1.

We will output the cables through the hole at the front of the printer (Figure 2).

Крышка через которую устанавливается СНПЧ

Figure 2.

We move the print head to the left (Figure 3).

Каретка сдвигается влево
Figure 3.

Remove the cable from cartridges. Tie the separate cables by using the tape and slips between the frame and the side cover as shown in Figure 4.

Прокладка СНПЧ Вид 1
Figure 4.

Remove the cover on the carriage for that pry off the cover stopper by using the screwdriver (Figure 5).

Снятие крышки на каретке

Figure 5.

Put the cables on the cartridges and pump the system with the ink, for that pour the ink into the donors, insert the crocks and filters. Take out the plug from the cartridge, insert a clean syringe and begin to pump the air out of the system (Figure 6). Same action do with the all colors. Insert the cartridge into the carriage.

Прокачка СНПЧ Epson TX650

Figure 6.

Move the carriage to the left. Strengthen the cable. You will need a double-adhesive tape or adhesive plaster. Cut a few strips for about 10-15 cm and fix it to the printer. Tighten the cable and fasten on the top of a double scotch. Plaster all over by using the adhesive plaster (Figure 7).

Крепление шлейфа СНПЧ

Figure 7.

Take out the cable by which the waste ink comes to absorber, lengthen it, and bring to the bank (Figure 8, 9).

Вывод памперса Epson TX650

Figure 8.

Банка отработки

Figure 9.

Fix the cable that it would not interfere the carriage, pull out the extra through the front cover (Figure 10).

Прокладка СНПЧ Вид 2
Figure 10.

You should get as shown in Figure 11

Шлейф СНПЧ Epson TX650

Figure 11.

Pour the ink firm the air unit to the unit for ink. Turn over the donors, as shown in Figure 12.

Подготовка СНПЧ для работы

Figure 12.

You have installed the CISS on your printer. The inner lining works better than the outside one. The cables don’t cling. 

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