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How to Install the CISS on Epson S22

In this article we want to show you how you can easily install the CISS on Epson S22.

How to pour the ink into the Doner (set ink tanks) ink, pump the cable and the cartridges with the ink, line up the level of ink in the CISS you can see in our article "How to install the CISS on Epson SX125, SX130".

Installing the CISS on Epson S22.

First you need to bring the carriage to the ink replacement position, when the printer off push the stopper inside the printer (Figure 1).

Установка СНПЧ S22


Move the carriage; insert the cartridge (Figure 2).

Установка СНПЧ S22


Please note that you inserted the cartridges until the end! All triggers on the cartridges should be fixed on the carriage (Figure 3).

Установка СНПЧ s22

Figure 3

Set the fasteners (Figure 4), check that the cable not cling and tension (Figure 5,6,7)

Установка СНПЧ s22

Figure 4

Установка СНПЧ s22

Figure 5

Установка СНПЧ s22

Figure 6

Установка СНПЧ s22

Figure 7

Plug the power cord, turn on the printer, do the test nozzle. If there are spaces then live the printer for several hours, in order that the air would be released. If you need to clean the print head, you can see our article on disassemble and cleaning the print head.

Note that the donor standing on the same level with the printer! You can't raise the donor above!!!

Please note that the air holes in the donors have opened!!!

Please note that the ink level in the air part is a normal, at the bottom!!!

Also you can see our article "Epson with CISS, the basic troubleshooting".




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