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Refilling the refillable cartridges Epson XP-33/103

Refilling the refillable cartridges is not different from the previous Epson models. The only difference between these models is in the chips and a narrowing of the seats in the carriage, but for the average consumer it makes no difference.

You can buy the set of the refillable cartridges for Epson XP 33, XP 103, XP 203, XP 207, XP 303, XP 306, XP 403, XP 406... in our online store.  

We show how to fill the refillable cartridges on an example of the yellow cartridge. Take out the rubber cork from the hole for filling (Figure 1).

ПЗК Epson XP33/ 103

Figure 1.

Take the syringe, fill it with the ink, and begin to fill the cartridge. You will need 10-12 ml. of ink. It should be noted that the black ink in these models is pigmentary and the color is the water-soluble ink.

You can buy the ink set in our online store.

Once you have completely filled the cartridge, close the fining hole with the rubber cork and open the air hole (Figure 2).

Заправка ПЗК Epson XP-33/ 103

Figure 2.

Refill all four cartridges and open the air vents.

Воздушные отверстия открыты, ПЗК готов к работе.

Figure 3.

Please note, your ink level need to be at the same level as in Figure 4.

Уровень чернил в ПЗК Epson XP-33/ 103

Figure 4.


Cartridges should be installed by the installation procedure through the driver.

One more nuance, it's desirable to cut the tabs that hold the cartridge chip by using the stationery knife (Figure 5). When you removing this cartridges these protrusions may cling to the CISC contact. 

Картриджи, крепление

Figure 5.

Insert the refillable cartridges in the printer. The triggers in the cartridge should be inserted in its place (Figure 6). Making a several cleanings, then you need to print a nozzle test.

Установка ПЗК в Epson XP-103

Figure 6.

Resetting the counter chip on the refillable cartridges in Epson XP is better done through a computer. See the article "How to install and reset the cartridge Epson".

If you have any problems with the determination of chips, you should wipe the contacts on the chip by using the eraser. You should also monitor the ink in the refillable cartridges, and don't allow to fill with air the print head.

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