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How to instal the CISS for Epson XP-103

The principle of setting the CISS for Epson XP-103 is not different from the other models in the series XP. In the beginning it is necessary to fill the ink, vented it and then install into the printer. Let us consider the detail.

The CISS is made of the plastic and the chip. The sequence of colors in the plastic can be different, you need to look to the ribbon cable. If they don't match, you can swap the labels and the corks (Figure 1, 2). If you want to swap donors, see this article

Неправильное расположение цветов в пластике СНПЧ

Figure 1.

Правильное расположение цветов в пластике СНПЧ

Figure 2.

In order to refill and vented it you will need the CISS for Epson XP-33/ 103/ 207, the ink and 4 syringes.

СНПЧ и чернила Epson XP серии

Figure 3.

You can buy the CISS for the Epson XP-33/ 103/ 207 in our online store.

Note that in the black color using the pigment ink, and in the color - water-soluble ink (Figure 4).

Чернила Epson XP серии

Figure 4.

We have the Ink for Epson XP-33/ 103/ 207 in our online store. 

We start to fill the ink into the donors in CISS. Close the air holes and pour the full cans. You can pour the ink by using the syringe, or as we do, remove the piston and pour like through the filler (Figure 5).

Заправка донеров Epson XP-103

Figure 5.

Close the filling hole and open the air one (Figure 6).

Открытые воздушные отверстия на донорах СНПЧ

Figure 6.

We recommend you to see the other articles on installing the CISS:

Installing the CISS for Epson XP 33

Installing the CISS for Epson XP 207

Installing the CISS for Epson XP 303

The next step, you shoud vented with the ink the ribbon cable and the CISS cartridges. In order to do it the plugs and pump out by using the syringe, it that would be better to raise it to pump the maximum amount of air (it's desirable that there was not air at all), Figure 7.

Прокачка СНПЧ Epson XP-103

Figure 7.

Vented all color. As a result, you should get as in Figure 8.

Уровень чернил в картридже СНПЧ Epson XP-103

Figure 8.

Our CISS vented. We begin installation of the printer.

Turn on the printer, go to the ink replacement position, disconnect the power cord.
We take out the cartridges and insert them until it clicks.
Shift to the left side the print cartridge carriage (Figure 9).

Прокладка шлейфа в Epson XP-103

Figure 9.

In order to denser touch of the chip with the CSIC contacts, we suggested you to insert the toothpick on the edges of the print cartridge (Figure 10). You need to break off the two toothpicks as with the right one.

Улучшение контакта чипа

Figure 10.

Install the T-bracket and insert it into the ribbon cable (Figure 11).

Крепление Т-переходника Epson XP-103

Figure 11.

Move the carriage to the far right side. Fix the ribbon cable holder to the printer, hold the cable into it (Figurer 12)

Крепление зажима шлейфа Epson XP-103
Figure 12.

Installation is complete now. Turn on the printer to start up a print (Figure 13).

Epson XP-103 при печати копии

Figure 13.

If you see that the ribbon cable prevents the carriage, you can pull or cut it.
The air hole in the donor must be open.

If you don't print for a long time maybe you printhead is dry up. You can buy a washing liquid for the Epson printhead in our online store.

The counter reset of the CISS for Epson XP 103 can be done through the computer (see the article on the installation and reset the Epson cartridge).

Also you can see our article "Epson with CISS, the basic troubleshooting".




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