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How to install the CISS on Epson XP 33

The Epson XP 33 is the entry printer model in the range of the printers and MFP Series XP. If you need a printer, you should not buy a printer with a scanner, namely Epson XP 103, because in the previous SX series, in the MFP Epson SX 125/130 often broken the scanner or the scanner cable and it would collapse the whole device. There no statistics for the XR series and with the advent of the CISS and the refillable cartridges after the some time it will be possible to draw the conclusions.

The Epson XP 33 can be called the workhorse the print head is improved, the nozzles is bigger. The price remains the same. The Epson XP 33 is ideal for the sublimation.

If you already have this printer and you want to print on it but the original cartridges are too expensive, you can buy the CISS and the ink, and install it on your own printer with our instructions.

You can see the ink for Epson XP series in our online store.

The CISS for Epson XP 33 can be viewed here.

The CISS is made of the plastic and the chip. The sequence of colors in the plastic can be different, you need to look to the ribbon cable. If they don't match, you can swap the labels and the corks (Figure 1, 2). If you want to swap donors, see this article

Неправильное расположение цветов в пластике СНПЧ

Figure 1.

Правильное расположение цветов в пластике СНПЧ

Figure 2.

First you need to fill the donors, in order to do it fill it by using the syringe as shown in Figure 3

Заполнение доноров чернилами

Figure 3.

Close the filling hole with the crock (Figure 4)

Заправочные отверстия затыкаются

Рисунок 4.

The next step, you shoud vented with the ink the cables and the CISS cartridges. In order to do use the syringe without a niddle and pump out the air (Figure 5).  (it's desirable that there was not air at all), Figure 7.

You should do it very careful, not to damage the form rubber. If you are not sure that you can do it accurately try to make it in the other way, as described in other articles about the CISS installation on XP series.

We recommend you to see the other articles on installing the CISS:

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Installing the CISS for Epson XP 303

Прокачка картриджей и шлейфа

Figure 5.

When all CISS is vented, you should pump out the excess ink from the air hole (Figure 6).

Выкачиваем лишние чернила

Figure 6.

As a result, you should get as in Figure 7.

Уровень чернил в донорах

Figure 7.

The new Epson XP series of printers and MFPs has the longer CISS contacts than in the previous models, so we recommended you to cut off the lugs that hold the CISS chip to the cartridge (Figure 8).

You can read the article about the repairing CSIC: Repair the contact of CSIC

Подрезание крепежа чипа

Figure 8.

Installing the CISS into the printer. We installed it into a new printer. We need to carry out an initial initialization. Turn on the printer and the carriage went to the ink replacement position (Figure 9).

If you have inserted the cartridge, and the initialization is passed, then you need to bring the carriage to the ink replacement position using the computer drivers.

If the one original cartridge is come out, you can click on the button that lit in red.

Вывод в позицию замены картриджей

Figure 9.

Insert the cartridges into the carriage and press the red button. Wait until the initialization or the process of cleaning the print head will be done (Figure 10).

Вставляем картриджи, нажимаем кнопку продолжить

Figure 10.

Install the T-bracket, fasten the cables. Please note that it necessary to make the split between the cover and the fastening (Figure 11)

Установка Т-обрзного крепления

Figure 11.
If the cable during the process of passage the carriage to the left is cumber and the printer goes into a common mistake, you need to loosen a little the cable in the T-shaped (Figure 12).

Ослабление или подтягивание шлейфа

Figure 12.

Fasten the fixture for the cable and fix it (Figure 13).

Крепим фиксатор шлейфа

Figure 13.

The CISS installation is finished, we recommended you to do the two head cleaning.
Air holes in the donor must be open during the pumping of CISS.


If you don't print for a long time maybe you printhead is dry up. You can buy a washing liquid for the Epson printhead in our online store.

The counter reset of the CISS for Epson 303 can be done through the computer (see the article on the installation and reset the Epson cartridge).

If you have any problems with the CISS you can see the artclle "Epson with CISS: the main troubles" 

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