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Repair the CSIC contacts

The structure of the CSIC, especially its contacts is different from the previous series and models. Not only in the number of contacts, but also with it’s the shape and size. Contacts for Epson XP are longer, so be careful when inserting and removing the CISS cartridges and the refillable cartridges. 

There have been cases when, due to the careless removing of the cartridges, the plastic ledge that holds the chip in CISS or refillable cartridges wrest the central contact. We recommend cutting this ledge, but if you haven’t done it and you broke the contact on CSIC, then this article is for you.

Here is the ready pad

Figure 1 shows the CSIC, where the 3 contacts are broken.

Сломанные контакты CSIC

Figure 1.

In order to repair these contacts you need the CSIC, especially the contact from another Epson. Preferably from the Epson XP series since this is a new model (we’ve used from the Epson S, SX series, you can also use the older one R, T, TX, C, CX)

We start the printer disassembling; remove the plastic cover, for this pry off the support fixture and move the cover lifting (Figure 2).

Снятие пластмассовой крышки

Figure 2.

Remove the ribbon cable from the CSIC (Figure 3)

Электронный шлейф

Figure 3.

Press down on the CSIC triggers, and lifts the CSIC from the one side, then from another (Figure 4, 5).

Защелки CSIC с права

Figure 4.

Защелки CSIC слева

Figure 5.

So you took out the CSIC. Now you can see it more closely (Figure 6).

Снятая CSIC

Figure 6.

Remove the plate, in order to do it you need to pry off the two triggers (Figure 7, 8)

Снимаем плату CSIC, защелка слева

Figure 7.

Снимаем плату CSIC, защелка справа

Figure 8.

Press on the two triggers on the edges of the contact group (Figure 9, 10) and move its to the top (Figure 11).

Защелка контактной группы CSIC слева

Figure 9.

Защелка контактной группы CSIC справа

Figure 10.

Сдвинули контактную группу

Figure 11.

Fix the triggers and watch that its don’t break and take out the contact group from the CSIC (Figure 12).

Поправляем контактную группу и снимаем

Figure 12.

Take the broken contact group and remove the desired contact by using a stationery knife. Push it from the one side, then from another. You can see the contact and compare it with anthers in Figure 13.

Снятие сломанного контакта

Figure 13.

Carefully put on the new contact to a contact group, pushing it by using the stationery knife.  It preferably to straighten a bit the new contact that it has been the same on the both sides with the original contacts (Figure 14).

Установка нового контакта

Figure 14.

We carefully insert the ready contact groups into the CISS. Insert the plate on it place (Figure 15).

Готовые контактные группы вставляем в CSIC

Figure 15.

Insert the ready CISS into the carriage and connect the cable. Set the plastic civer on it place.

Turn on the printer. If it doesn't recognize one of the color, try to clean the contacts on the chip bu using the eraser. 

If your printer doesn't recognize one of the color during the cleaning of the print head or while the printing one sheet one or several colours are fall out, you should to tuck the repaired contacts.

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