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How to Install Epson Cartridge

Replacement of the print cartridges through the computer on an example of the Epson XP 103, this actions are completely identical on all models of the Epson series T, TX, S, SX, XP ...

When you print on the original, non-original cartridges or CISS the ink into the cartridge will inevitably end. The printer will indicate about it to you. Perhaps will be displayed that the ink cartridges can not be identified. On the printer will light the red indicator near the figure 'Droplet'.

We make the change from your computer. You see a box (Figure 1), click on the ''How ''.

Замена картриджей через компьютер

Figure 1.

Click "Next" (Figure 2).

Замена картриджа на Epson XP

Figure 2.

Click "Next" (Figure 3)

Если у вас ПЗК ничего делать не надо, нажимайте далее

Figure 3.

Click "Next" (Figure 4).

Если у вас ПЗК пропустите этот пункт, нажмите далее

Figure 4

Click "OK". The print head moves to the cartridge replacement position (Figure 5).

При нажатии кнопки OK, печатающая головка выходит в позицию замены чернил

Figure 5

Open the cover, click OK (Figure 6).

Открываем крышку или блок сканера

Figure 6

- If you have the original cartridges, remove them and install new one.
- If you have the refillable cartridges, then take them out and refill. See here. Insert them back. Refillable cartridges are reset when you remove them and then inserted. The printer thinks that you have inserted a new cartridge.
- If you have a CISS, press a button on a chip, hold it for about 5 seconds. Release. The printer thinks that you insert a new cartridges.



If the reset with the button are not help, then:

1) Clean the contacts by the eraser. Cloth or your finger will not help.

2) Insert the cartridge as far as it can go. I recommend to insert an extra strut for better contact between the cartridge unit and the contact group.

3) If there is a battery, check the power from it and check if the connection is correct.

4) Insert the originals - if they are not detected, the problem is in the printer.

Push the button ''Next'' (Figure 7).

Извлекаем картриджи

Figure 7.

Click on 'Next' (Figure 8).

Установка картриджа

Figure 8.

Close the cover, press the button ''OK'' (Figure 9).

Закройте крышку, блок сканера

Figure 9.

You may receive a message that you are not using the genuine cartridges, then click on the 'Continue' (Figure 10). If you don't have this skip the step.

Предупреждение Epson, нажимаем далее

Figure 10.

Replacement of the cartridge is complete, click on ''Finish'' (Figure 11).

Нажимаем готово, чипы обнулились

Figure 11

Once you have completed these steps, the colors that you changed must be complete, as shown in Figure 12. Press the button '' OK ''.

Принтер готов к печати

Figure 12.

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