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Cleaning the Epson PX730WD/ PX720WD and Epson Artisan 730

If you have the problems with the printing on the Epson Stylus Photo PX730WD / PX720WD MFP or in American counterparts Epson Artisan 730, usual cleaning of the print head will not help. There are two most probable reason of clogging it is damper or the print head. Primarily clogged the damper. First you have to disassemble and clean it. In our experience cleaning the damper would be enough to restore the printer. Next we will show you how to disassemble and clean the damper in the printer. This article is intended for the service engineers. We don’t recommend you to disassemble it if you have no experience in the repair of office equipment. We divide this article into two steps: disassemble the printer and cleaning the damper.


Let us proceed to the first step.

We need to remove the scanner. In order to do it you need to unbolt the bolt and remove the one side (Figure 1). Now the time to remove the slots on the other side (Figure 2).

Болт для снятия сканера Epson 720/ 730

Figure 1.

Паз крепления сканера Epson 720/ 730


Figure 2.

In order to remove the scanner, you need to disconnect the three ribbon cables. For this you need to unbolt the bolt (Figure 3) and remove the cables (Figure 4).

Болт крышки для снятия шлейфов сканера Epson 720/ 730

Figure 3.

Шлейфа сканера Epson 720/ 730

Figure 4.

Now we remove the side cover, for this unbolt the bolts as shown in Figure 5 and fry up the triggers

Снятие боковых крышек Epson 720/ 730

Figure 5.

Now remove the cover for the passage of the paper, for this click on the triggers (shown by arrows), unbolt the bolts (Figure 6).

Болты верхней крышки Epson 720/ 730

Figure 6.

Please note to the two bolts inside the printer, which is also necessary to unbolt (Figure 7).

Дополнительные два болта для крепления верхней крышки

Figure 7.

Next, remove the touch screen, for that you need to remove the back cove. Try out the trigger and remove the ribbon cable (Figure 8).

Снятие сенсорного дисплея

Figure 8.

Remove the top cover. Now you can see the printer inside (Figure 9). Then you can get to any part of the printer: to the plate, the print head, its mechanics, the paper damper located under the place where the cartridges are installed. 

Принтер Epson 720/ 730 в разборе

Figure 9.

Remove the Wi-Fi plate, for this unbolt the two bolts (Figure 10).

Wi-Fi плата

Figure 10.

Next, unbolt the bolts block of the damper ( Figure 11).

Болты крепления блока демпферной камеры

Figure 11.

Remove the CSIC, pry off the triggers (Figure 12). 

Снятие CSIC на Epson 720/ 730

Figure 12.

Also unbolt the two bolts under the CSIC (Figure 13).

 Болты под CSIC на Epson 720/ 730

Figure 13.

Disconnect the cables from the motherboard that prevent the removal of the damper (Figure 14).

Снятие шлейфов на Epson 720/ 730

Figure 14.

Next, unbolt the two bolts and remove the attachment of cables, through which pass the ink. You can see the damper (Figure 15).

Блок  демпферной камеры на Epson 720/ 730

Figure 15.

Now we disassemble the damper. Unbolt the three bolts (Figure 16).

Болты крепящие части  блока  демпферной камеры

Figure 16.

Remove the block of the damper chamber in which is mounted in the cartridges (Figure 17)

Часть  блока  демпферной камеры. для крепления картриджей

Figure 17.

Now only left the damper. Unbolt the bolts that hold the two parts of it (Figure 18).

Демпферная камера Epson 720/ 730

Figure 18.

In Figure 19, you can see the two halves of the damper. Remove the rubber base with springs and see the damper itself.

Разобранная демпферная камера Epson 720/ 730

Figure 19.

Wash the damper. In Figure 20, we can see the clogged channels of the damper, which we wash by using the special reagent that is also used for washing the Epson print heads. 

Забитый цвет в демпферной камере Epson 720/ 730

Figure 20.

Wash the part. Assemble in reverse order (Figure 21, 22).

Сборка демпферной камере Epson 720/ 730

Figure 21.

Сборка другой части демпферной камере Epson 720/ 730

Figure 22.

Assemble the two parts together. Pay attention to the springs, while assembling its. Draw bolts up tight (Figure 23), Insert the part of the damper in which is cartridges mounted. Draw bolts up tight (Figure 23,24).

Промытая и собранная демпферная камера Epson 720/ 730

Figure 23.

Промытый и собранный блок демпферной камеры Epson 720/ 730

Figure 24.

Imsert it to the printer. Draw bolts up tight. Assemble the printer in reverse order.

In order to vented the damper with the ink, the cables which leading to the print head you need to clean the print head. And the air hole in the donor CISS pumping with the syringe. You need to do it with every color in which you have air in the cable or the prin thead. It took us about 4-5 cleaning procedure with increased pressure on the color, in order to get a perfect result.

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