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Refilling of refillable and originals cartridges HP 950-951/ 932-933/ 711

If you bought an HP inkjet printer or MFP on 950-951 / 932-933 / 711 cartridges, you should read this article. If you don't want to buy the original cartridges every time, then you have the several ways to solve this problem. The first one is to refill the original cartridges, the second is to buy a special refillable cartridges and refill through the special filling hole.

In this article we will look at how you can refill the original and the refillable cartridges.
For the refilling the refillable cartridges you need this cartridges itself, the ink and a syringe with a needle. We will refill it through the filling hole. Take out the rubber cork, an air hole should be closed (Figure 1).

Заправочное и воздушное отверстие ПЗК
Figure 1.
We fill the syringe with the ink. In the color refillable cartridges you can fill about 18-20ml, in the black one - 36-40ml. Fill the cartridge, insert back into the filler hole the rubber cork and take out the stopper cap from the air hole (Figure 2).
Заправка ПЗК HP 950-951/ 932-933/ 711
Figure 2.
You can buy the refillable cartridges in our online store HP 950-951/ 932-933/ 711 without the chipHP 950-951 with the chipHP 933-932 with the chipthe ink for those cartridges.
The short-cut cartridges also refilling through the filler hole, and the air holes must be closed (Figure 3).
Заправочное и воздушное отверстие укороченного картриджа
Figure 3.
Then take a syringe with a nozzle (Figure 6) and pump out the air from the valve with a spring, there shouldn't be the air. If the air would be here and you insert it into the printer, it may cause a malfunction of the printer (Figure 4).
Выкачиваем воздух с клапана картриджа
Figure 4.
Refill all refillable cartridges this way and set them into the printer. Making some cleaning of the print head, and print.

Now we show you how to refill the original cartridges 950-951 / 932-933 / 711, for refilling the original cartridges you need the ink, the syringe and the nozzle.

First you need to see how much ink you need to fill into the syringe. We refilled the magenta cartridge, and its capacity is 12 ml. (Figure 5).

Оригинальный картридж HP 711
Figure 5.
We fill the syringe with 12ml. Pay attention to the nozzle for refilling the original cartridges (Figure 6). The ink for these cartridges.
Шприц с насадкой для заправки оригинального картриджа
Figure 6.
Next, insert the syringe with the nozzle into the cartridge. Now you need to press on the plunger and fill into the cartridge 2 ml. of ink. Immediately pull the plunger in the opposite direction, pumping out 2 ml. of air (Figure 7). You need to do this action for the several times. If you're not pumping out the air, you can damage the inner ink tank.
Заправка оригинального картриджа
Figure 7.
Once you've filled the ink into the cartridge you need to pull the plunger pumping the air in the cartridge (Figure 8). As soon as the ink went to it, then take out the syringe with a nozzle from the cartridge. You completed the refilling process. Do the same action with all original cartridges and insert them into the printer, make some cleaning of the printhead, and print.
Выкачивание воздуха после заправки из оригинального картриджа
Figure 8.
For 711
заправка картриджа hp 711
Check the cleanliness of the chip, you need to reset the cartridges.

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