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Refill Ink-jet Catrtidges Using the HP 122

In this article we want to show you how to refill the HP ink cartridge, the technology of refill are the same. The difference is in the arrangement of colors that vary in color cartridge. We show you the location of the color cartridges in the HP 22, HP 121, HP 122, HP 141.

The number of printed sheets is dependent on the amount of ink which the sponge, inside the cartridge, is able to absorb. 

Let us consider, for example, genuine HP cartridge 21.

When you removing the top cover, you can see the sponges which must absorb an ink (Figure 1).

Разборка картриджа HP 22

Figure 1.

We take out the sponges and see the starter cartridge that is not fully filled (Figure 2). The starter cartridges in the older models don’t fully filed, so that you would buy a new cartridge. HP and Canon manufacturers sell their printers and the MFPs cheaper than Epson, but make a profit at the expense of higher prices for supplies such as ink cartridges.

Картридж HP 22 разобран

Figure 2.

Older models of HP print cartridges 21, 22 are good because the sponge fills the whole cartridge.

In new models they cut the sponge, and it absorbs less ink and prints less number of pages. Please note that if you refill the new with more ink than the sponge capable to soak, then your cartridges will flow.

Cartridges can be standard and high-volume. High-volume marked as XL. You can see the cartridge supplies in the following table; it doesn’t show the supplies of the starter cartridge. n our online store you can buy the XL cartridges

Cartridge Model

Cartridge supplies

HP 21 (C9351AE)

150 pages

HP 21XL (C9351CE)

500 pages

HP 22 (C9352AE)

138 pages

HP 22XL (C9352CE)

500 pages

HP 121 (CC640HE) Black

200 pages

HP 121XL (CC641HE) Black

600 pages

HP 121 (CC643HE) Сolour

160 pages

HP 121XL (CC644HE) Сolour

430 pages

HP 122 (CH561HE) Black

120 pages

HP 122 (CH563HE) Сolour

100 pages

HP 122XL (CH562HE) Black

480 pages

HP 122XL (CH564HE) Сolour

330 pages

HP 140 (CB335HE) Black

200 pages

HP 140XL (CB336HE) Black

1000 pages

HP 141 (CB337HE) Сolour

165 pages

HP 141XL (CB338HE) Сolour


For refilling cartridges you need the ink and the cartridge. Easiest way is to buy a set of refilling and to fill with it (Figure 3). The price of the refilling set is a 150r, the black one is enough for 5-6 refills, 4-5 refills for color. You can buy a set of refilling in our online store. On the reverse side of the refilling has a detailed instructions on how to refill the cartridge (Figure 4).

Заправочные наборы для картриджей

Figure 3.

Заправочные наборы для HP 121

Figure 4.

Through the example of the HP 122 we will show you how to refill the ink-jet cartridges using the filler set. There is also a guide for refills on the back of filling sets (Figure 5, 6).

Инструкция для заправке на заправочном наборе 1

Figure 5.

Инструкция для заправке на заправочном наборе 2

Figure 6.

Carefully remove the label and look at the arrangement of colours. There are several kinds of colors arrangement. Unmistakable it. If you fill the wrong color, you will have the wrong rendition of colors. You will have to remove the top cover, wash the sponge and refill again.

Figure 7 shows the HP 122 color cartridge with the old arrangement of colours.

Старое расположение цветов на картридже HP 122

Figure 7.

Figure 8 shows the HP 122 color cartridge with a new arrangement of colours.

Новое расположение цветов на картридже HP 122

Figure 8.

We took out the syringe, put on a needle. For each color provided its own needle. Now refill our cartridge HP 122 (Figure 9).

Подготавливаем заправочный набор для заправки

Figure 9.

We will refill the cartridges in the holes shown in Figure 10.

Заправляем в отверстия

Figure 10.

Insert the needle into the black cartridge and push the plunger. Fill the ink (Figure 11).

Заправляем черный картридж

Figure 11.

Pay attention to how much ink you have fill into the cartridge. If you fill a lot of ink, for ex. you have the ink flow over the holes (Figure 12) and a drop forms bellow (Figure 13) you need to pump the excess ink with the syringe through the filling hole!

You can also put a napkin on the cartridge and wait a little until the excess ink may leak. Watch out for the formation of droplets on the print head of cartridge. As soon as the drop is not formed then the cartridge is ready for use. This can be done only with the black print cartridge, with a color cartridge is not desirable to do, since it's possible the leaking of red or blue colour into yellow, and it may lead to the change of the color rendering. 

Чернила перелили в картридже

Figure 12.

Капля на печатающей головке картриджа

Figure 13.

If you did everything right, you can see the imprint your cartridge leaves.  Put the print head of your cartridge to the blank sheet, you can do it a few times, you should get the result as in Figure 14.

Отпечаток картриджа

Figure 14.

If you have an ruptures or short mark, it will print with white stripes. You can make the cleaning of the print head using the Printer Properties in your computer.

After refilling the contact track must be clean and dry (Figure 15). It's better to wipe the contacts with the normal office eraser to clean the oxidized contacts. If you insert into the printer wetted contacts then you cartridge fall out, burn down the controller board in the printhead. You have to buy a new cartridge. You can understand it this way, if you insert the cartridge into the printer, but the printer shows you that ''The cartridge is not inserted, insert a new one'', although physically it is in a printer, it's mean the cartridge burned.

Контактная группа картриджа

Figure 15.

After refilling attach a label.

Now to the refilling the HP 122 color cartridge. Insert the syringe with needles into the right hole, don't overfill with ink. Look at the printout (Figure 16).

Заправка цветного картриджа HP 122

Figure 16.

Don't overfill with ink, the excess pump out with the syringe. Look at the printout. 

Glue the label on it place, clear the contacts in the same way as with black cartridge. 

All these models are filled the same way. The difference is in the amount of ink which a sponge is able to absorb and in arrangement of colors. 

Next we give you a variety of the colors arrangements of cartridges HP:

Location of colors in the cartridge HP 22 (Figure 17).

Расположение цветов в картридже HP 22

Figure 17.

Location of colors in the cartridge HP 121 (Figure 18).

Расположение цветов в цветном картридже HP 121

Figure 18.

Location of colors in the cartridge HP 141 (Figure 19).

Расположение цветов в картридже HP 141

Figure 19.

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