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STMC certificate for the Premium laser caertridges

Premium toner cartridges are certified by STMC


STMC committee

STMC is the Committee on the standardization of testing methods, which is based in order to develop and implement standards of testing methods in the industry of printer cartridges. The test methods used to assess the performance of the toner cartridge for laser printers. These methods make it possible to accurately estimate the cartridge and get the same results regardless of who, where and when to perform the testing. STMC test methods don’t indicate that the cartridge should work, but allow us to estimate the results of the cartridge.

STMC includes the following test methods:

1) ISTA* – the testing procedure of 1А consistency, linls to ASTM: D999 (Transportation Vibration), D5276 (Handling Drop and Impact), D5487 (Standard Test Method for Simulated Drop of Loaded Containers), D880 (Standard Test Method for Impact Testing for Shipping Containers and Systems), D4003 (Horizontal Impact testing)

2) ASTM* F 1856 Standard Practice for Determining Toner Usage for Printer Cartridges

3) ANSI* IT2.17-1995 Standard Test Method for Determining Dynamic Thermal Response of Direct Thermal Paper-Label Printer Method

4) ASTM F 335 Standard Terminology Relating to Electrostatic Copying

5) ASTM F 2036 Standard Test Method for Evaluation of Larger Area Density and Background on Electrophotographic Printers

*ISTA — International Safe Transit Association

ASTM International (American Society for Testing and Materials) – n independent organization whose members are working on the most stringent regulations, ensuring the objectivity of the test methods. STMC and ASTM are not the same. In the STMC method includes several test methods adopted in ASTM, and ISO, ANSI and ISTA.

In other words, STMC - a set of test methods according to which the cartridge is tested. By STMC methods can be obtained numerical characteristics of the cartridge - its life, filling density, background and to understand whether the cartridge is ready for transport.

The extracts from the Guidelines on the assessment of the toner cartridge "All-in-one" for laser printer, STMC  (June, 2003):

1.1 This guide is intended for use as a means to evaluate all-in-one toner printer cartridges. All-in-one cartridges contain a toner developer section and the OPC (organophotoconductor) section among other components. All-in-one cartridges are self-contained parts of printers that contain toner.

1.2 This guide provides a basis for comparing all-in-one printer cartridges such as new OEM cartridges and remanufactured cartridges for use in contract purchasing.

1.3 This guide is not intended to be all inclusive of the quality attributes of all-in-one printer cartridges. The purpose of this standard practice is to make simple, but useful, evaluations that can be used to determine basic print quality, packaging integrity, and yield for cost-per-page comparisons.

4.2  The sequence of tests: the integrity of the packaging, the image density, background, expected life

4.3 A comparison can be made among the different sources for all-in-one cartridges. A purchaser can specify minimum performance levels based on these test results in purchasing contracts.

The principle of black-box "no matter HOW, the main thing is WHAT."

The components of the cartridge are wasn't beyond to the STMC certification. STMC uses the ASTM test methods, such as ASTM F1856 for the toner cartridge, ASTM F2036 for the packing density and the background. None of these methods are not applicable to the toner, opc drum, PCR, MR, etc. The test methods are applicable ONLY to the assessment of the finished cartridge and to compare it with the other cartridges, usually the original one.

Official site of STMC

During the cartridge testing by using the STMC methods, the cartridge seems like the a black box. No matter from which components it is, the genuine or compatible, the new one or refurbished. Estimated not the cartridge or the quality of its components but the printed result. That's why some manufacturers who say that the components of the cartridge check on the STMC methods overrate themselves and prove their incompetence

The company «XXX», entering into group of companies «YYY», held the STMC certified and has adopted the STM technique for quality control of all the toner cartridges ZZZ. The manufacturing complex of companies «YYY» check the cartridges and supplies with this technique (toners, OPC drums, chargers and magnetic clips).

The official website of the company ХХХ

About what speaks the STMC certificate 

The company, certified by STMC, has a staff of employees, provides their training on the STMC test methods with the authorized instructors, and has the necessary lab instruments for testing.

STMC certificate say nothing about the quality of the cartridge and the quality of its components.

How to use it

The manufacturer, certified by STMC, when specifying the resource of its cartridge have rights to point the resource according to the STMC. The company purchases the cartridges according to the contract can protect themselves from the sdefective products. Announcing the tender, the buyer has the right to demand from suppliers of products whose characteristics (density fill, background, resource) are not less than any specific thresholds form STMC method and confirmed reports about the tests for STMC measuring methods.



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