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How to Refill the Cartridge Xerox 3010/ 3045

This article will show you how to refill the cartridge Xerox PH3010X for the Printer Xerox WorkCentre 3010/3045.

Figure 1 shows you a chip that you need to change.

the cartridge Xerox 3010
Figure 1.
We will fill the toner through the hole under the curtain (Figure 2). 

the cartridge Xerox 3010
Figure 2.
Pry up the the chip from the one side, carefully remove the trigger and remove the chip. Pry up the chip and replace it to a new one (Figure 3). Set the chip into its place. 

the cartridge 3010 chip replacement
Figure 3.

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For refilling the toner you need to move the curtain, see the Figure 4.

fill the cartridge Xerox 3010
Figure 4.

Clean out the old toner and fill with a new one. We use a universal toner of Samsung. Set the shutter to its original position.

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All cartridges are set in the printer and print.




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