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How to Refill the Panasonic KX-FAT400A7 and KX-FAT410A7

In this article we want to show you how to refill the cartridge Panasonic KX-FAT400A7 (1,800 pages) or KX-FAT410A7 (2500 pages) for the printer Panasonic KX-MB1500RU / KX-MB1500RUW / KX-MB1500RUB / KX-MB1520RU / KX-MB1520RUW / KX- MB1520RUB

In our online store you can buy a new cartridge Panasonic KX-FAT410A.


General view of the cartridge Panasonic
Figure 1.
Firts you need to remove the bolts on the sides and in front of the cartridge (Figure 2).

the cartridge Panasonic
Figure 2.
Remove the front and the side covers (Figure 3).

the Panasonic cartridgeКартридж Panasonic в разборе
Figure 3.
Carefully remove the spring group, don't forget where it was (Figure 4).

the spring in the Panasonic cartridge
Figure 4.

Remove the transfer roller from the print cartridge, for this you need to pry off the triggers located on the sides, unbolt the two bolts holding the blade in Developing Unit and remove it (Figure 5).remove the doctor blade

Figure 5.

Clean out the bin with toner, gently clean the doctor blade, if it's necessary. Fill the toner and assemble it. We use the universal Samsung toner. You can buy it in our online store.

When you scroll through the transfer roller it should look like in Figure 6.
f you have a bands, you're badly cleaned the doctor blade.

the toner
Figure 6.
We put the spring in it place (Figure 7).

put the spring
Figure 7.
Clear the opc drums and the oil roller from the toner.  Put on the side cover (Figure 8).

assemble the Panasonic cartridge
Figure 8.
Сarefully put on a second side cover (Figure 9, 10)

assemble the Panasonc cartridge
Figure 9.

assemble the Panasonc cartridge
Figure 10.

Snap the front cover, draw bolts up tight. Now the time the chip.

In order to print without blocking the print you need to change the chip or put the jumper (Figure 11). Insert the cartridge into the printer and start the print. The printer indicates there no toner. Remove the cartridge, cut or remove the wire, insert the cartridge into the printer and print. You need repeated this procedure after each refill. 

jumper in the chip

Figure 11.




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