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How to reset Xerox Phaser 3052.

How to reset Xerox Phaser 3052.

Xerox PHASER 3052 DI(DNI) V3.50.01.08_U


New printers, new security technology.


Xerox Phaser 3052 has many advantages: very silent, reliable in usage and high performance. But as in every laser jet printer cartridge may become empty, so the printer has a counter of print pages, which checks cartridge chip and blocks printing after certain number of print pages, for example, 3000 pages. In this case printer recommends to buy a new original cartridge. Expensive supplies nowadays are income source for manufacturers who produce printing machines. Therefore every printer equipped with the newest security system, which doesn't let use one cartridge twice.
In this article we show a way how to reprogram printer and let users to save money on expensive supplies. So Xerox Phaser 3052 is the same with Samsung SL-M2625, which is easy to reset.

All process of resetting takes about 20 minutes and it is the only one way to a cheap printing on a laser jet printer. As Phaser 3052 has program security system, that the way to let it forget about cartridges - is to dismantle it and reprogram flashes, which count printed pages.

On pic.1 we see a new Phaser 3052: first of all be sure that printer is working, detected by computer and prints reports. We recommend to give printer to a service, don't do it without special knowledge - in the bad way printer may break and its repair may be very difficult. That article is only for information (not manual). It doesn't matter how easy that process, but it may 'kill' your printer.
Don't remove cartridge. Take off a side cover from Phaser 3025. Disconnect a mainboard and remove. The other side is useless for us - only front side of plate has all flashes we need. As told earlier, that printer the same as Samsung SL-M2625, so flashes there are the same too: 25q128 and 24c256.

Via soldering fan remove flashes from a board, install them on a programmer (in our case was used ChipProg48, but you can use simple Programmer 24 EEPROM and 25 SPI FLASH for CH341A USB) and reprogram.
Then careful return flashes on the mainboard and solder them, insert a plate and gather printer.
After that it's necessary to remove chips from the cartridge! Attention: there are two chips - on drum cartridge and toner cartridge.

To buy dump you can here - link.


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