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Using Debug, Interface of printer

Using Debug, Interface of Samsung and Xerox printers.

On all Samsung and Xerox printers has a slot referred as debug or hyper. Its mission to control and programming the printer. The interface is the widespread RX-TX lowered to a logical level.

In this article we consider the simplest operation to restore the printer after unsuccessful update of firmware.

As a variant - the fix with incorrect information, wrong fix, crashing during the firmware or bounced the usb.

Our actions in short: connect the cable, configure a user station, turn on the printer, and enter the probe mode. Using the command fl enter the firmware mode and send the firmware. In the last step it highly recommended to send the original.

1) The cable

We need a simple cord which lowers RX-TX from the computer. It's usually prepare on the MAX232 chip for the com-port or on the PL2303 for the usb. Or taken the cable for the cell phone firmware update.

You can buy the cable in our online store.


Connect the cable

Дебаг плата

Find out the GND (ground), then RX and TX. You don't need to solder the ground.  

In a new printers severed the RX, you need to ring-out the line and find where to put the jumper.

Solder, don't forget about the 50-100 ohm resistors on the ends of rx and tx.

Apply power to the debug cable.

Connect the printer to the computer through the usb.


3) Start up the HyperTerminal and connect to the printer. 

You can find the HyperTerminal here

Start -> All Programs -> Standard -> Communications -> HyperTerminal

Or download here - HyperTerminal

Connection settings

Настройка ГиперТерминала


Click on "connect".

If with the response comes the garbage - check the correct soldering, pickup, reduce the speed.

Turn on the printer

We need to enter the probe mode.

Before turning on the device press key n and holding it while turn on the printer. Immediately release the keys. The device will display the following message:

[ POWER ON Booting... ]

Press any key to execute Monitor Program within 1 sec...



START-UP MODE : Monitor Program

Boot into pROBE+ like stand-alone mode

[Type 'help' to see command info.]

Version : Ver.1.17 (BlueMT) 2010-05-27


Do you want to download from external port?[N] : n



For a list of all commands – help.

We are interested in command fl or flash, that start up the printer's firmware, download original firmware

pROBE+> fl

A s usual start the firmware update process from your computer. If you use the usbprns3 - select from the list of devices the boot-device. You can update with the original or with fix. 

The device starts the firmware, restart and shows the message:

Boot&Mon. CheckSum OK!

The update process is complete.


I hope you this article will be helpful for you. 

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