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What is CRUM and how to find it

CRUM - Customer Replaceable Unit Monitor.

In other words it is the chip on the cartridge.

Crum samsung

To order a new Samsung firmware you must enter it identification number in the input field.

In the report you must looking for the serial number - crum (11 numbers).Crum

It's located in the supplies report in the Toner Information.

This report is printed by pressing and holding the "Stop" button for more than 15 seconds.

In the report you must looking for serial number - crum (11 numbers).


Other ways to print the supplies report:

Print report in 472x

menu - # - 1934

tech mode - report - all report


Print report in 2160

Press and hold the printscreen - LED blinks for three times and stay lit - will printed the Supplies Information report


Print report in 3400 - 3400W

Quick press: up-up-stop-down-down-stop-stop

Choose АА - print all reports and press "Print".


Print report in 3400F 3400fw 3400FH

MENU - # -1934 - MENU

Enter the service mode

Print all reports.  


When you turn on the printer it asks you "Ended cartridge. Stop or continue?". Click on "continue". Through the menu print two configuration reports and supplies report.

Download the latest version of usbprns3

And remember In our firmware the crum checked once during the firmware update process - you don't need to keep it! 




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