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The Firmware Doesn't Work

"The firmware version doesn't work?!!"

Here is the answer, it was long, but informative:


To start reading it - The firmware upgrade throuh the usb 

For the firmware update with the crum number 

The chip has to be a new one. Not used in the firmware update of the printer.

1) Update the firmware with the chip

2) Chip from the genuine and incompatible cartridge

3) The chip is removed after the firmware update of the printer after restart. 


I would like to mark the basic rule

Take your time and be careful.

Always wait until the printer is reset (after sending the firmware version to the printer) !! Do not turn off the printer with the button !!


As well as

  • The firmware received from here - all work. 
  • Make sure the data is correct. This printer model, the firmware version of the printer, the serial number of the printer and, if necessary the crum.

In the report, for example, the printer 1865W displayed as еру 1860 and 1761 as the 1760 - but the firmware of them are totally different.

Or another example - "Xerox 3155 is defined as 3140...Today boy update the firmware of it. The device was dead:)))"

The serial number of the printer can be change with the program, or cloned. There can be the wrong number on the sticker. You can make the wrong choice. It is best to get the serial number using the usbprns3 or uvcview

How to find out firmware version -  see here 

How to check the crum - another article 


  • Make sure you are update the firmware of the printer.

Don't think that clicking on FIX_IT in usbprns3 or drag and drop the firmware file on usblist2 you are guaranteed update the firmware of the printer. Me personally prefer to use usbprns3, but be sure that the printer must be selected in the "detect device" and the strip in the bottom must pass slowly (if it fly over too fast and there no changes in the printer, you need to restart the program). You need to control the process of the firmware update, and the printer should restart.

I take out the chip after the printer restart.

If your printer doesn't respond - check does the firmware program see the printer or not.

If you use the usbprns3 and you have the windows 7 or vista - start the usbprns3 from the administrator.

Connect it or not? Determined by the driver? Check the status monitor? 

Make sure that the firmware version is the same or higher - otherwise the fix will not work.

Make sure that the printer was not update earlier. You can see it in a report on the current firmware version.

Original version must be like this - V3.00.01.09

Try to update the firmware from the forced mode.


Control the firmware update process - If the printer prints with the sealed or pulled out chip, then the printer successfully update.



Samsung SCX-4623FN - after the firmware update doesn't work the fax -

After the firmware update all settings was erased.  And in the address book should be at least one number. Otherwise, it doesn't take anything.

Samsung SCX-3200 9th version blocked after updating process. You can change this through the FC of the region (service mode) to 7 or 1. To do this, select FC, click START, using the + or - set the region.

Samsung SCX-3200 10 version - 

the same as for the ninth. Changing the region from the service through the FC.

It doesn't have the forced mode.

Samsung SCX-3400 locked after the print, you don't inserted the cartridge with the chip. Make the FC as in the example above.

Samsung 1860 the 24 firmware version - remember the 18 and 19 versions of the firmware are compatible, but you can't use the 24 version above them. 

Samsung 1865W doesn't update with the firmware from the ml-1860. Be careful with this printer it doesn't have the forced mode.

Samsung SCX-4300 doesn't directly update. You should enter to the service mode. 

Turn on the printer, quickly press the sequence "MENU" - "ID_COPY" -"LEFT"_"RIGHT"- "MENU"-"BACK"_"TECH MENU"

Go to the menu "DATA SETUP", find there "FLASH UPGRADE", after confirmation in [LOCAL] printer says "Data receiving".

after starting the firmware update process the printer sequentially writes -  DATA RECEIVING > FLASH ERASING > FLASH PROGRAMMING > CHECKSUMMING > DOWNLOAD OK

and restart.

In ordert to reset the counters -

In menu:

10. Maintenance  > Clear Setting  > All Setting    [OK]

about the 3400 and others with the d101 chip

SCX-3400 devices with the 18 and higher versions with another Starter Cartridge will not work. Inversely, you can't update the 2160 for example with the 3400 cartridge with 18 or the 19 version of the firmware.


About CRUM

If you insert a new cartridge with a chip in the printer, the crum number will change to the number in the chip in the cartridge (this it's necessary to insert cartridges with chips or disconnect the connector of crum on the motherboard to avoid it).

If the printer was previously update, then the firmware will not work. In order to work you need to change the crum to the correct one. You can do this either by setting the cartridge with the old chip (after installing the old one, turn off and switch on the printer) or with a new firmware update for the new crum. For 3400 it is done for the debug - so be careful. 

In our firmware the crum checked once during the firmware update process - you don't need to keep it! 

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