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Updating the Firmware With Usbprns3

The process of updating the firmware becomes very easily when you use the usbprns3


At first sight the program can seem a full-featured and difficult. But in fact, the main task was to make the program useful for each service engineer. 

The ordering process and the process of updating the firmware version of the printer:

Consider two cases

1) The printer is connected

Open the program and enter your log-in details.


All you need is a select the version and click “Generate”.

ordering process


After clicking OK you need to go to the chat. 


Download the firmware. You can put it into the program without unpack. You can always find your firmware in “My files”.

Checking the version and updating the firmware. 

Checking the version

Click on “Fix It”. Waiting until the process will end and your printer restart. Remove the chip and print the report. 

You can download the latest version of usbprns program here.









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