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How to Upgrade Your Firmware Version of Samsung printer SCX-3400

How to upgrade your firmware version of Samsung printer.

For ex. on SCX 3400, step by step with pictures. 

It’ll take for about five minutes. If it takes longer go here

If you take a good look on this article it’ll save you from a lot of problem in the future. Those articles are change all the time and it make sense to look here once in a while and refresh your memory or learn something new.

Let’s start.

the firmware version update process

We have a printer before us. You need to print reports. I printed them through the Menu - # 1 9 3 4. In TechMenu located Configuration status reporting and Supplies Information. 

Configuraton status reporting for 3405fw


Supplies Information


All that interests us is the version of firmware and the letter F in this report. And the number of CRUM.

For upgrading firmware version I use usbprns3.

You can see the whole process on the screen. The program does everything by itself. You only need to type CRUM.



the firmware version update process


the firmware version update process


We’re waiting for the end of our upgrading after click on FIXIT.


the firmware version update process

the firmware version update process



The printer restarts. Take out our chip. The whole process is over. You don’t need to touch the CRUM port, the new firmware version doesn’t remember it. 


Just in case I also keep an old version of this article.


1) We have a printer Samsung SCX 3400

Samsung SCX 3400

Print our reports. 

Go here. I only press and hold the Stop button. 

Print our reports

If an indicator will have a two green blinks printed Configuration Report. If the Stop button is held for too long a Supplies Information report will print instead.


Configuration Report

All that interests us is the firmware version (in this case it is 06) and what is written in quotation marks, if there no P or F letters it means this printer wasn’t upgrade and the name SCX3405 without any letters mean it is 3405 printer.

Supplies Information:

Supplies Information

Here we need information about CRUM.

Now we have all information we need. And it’s time to upgrade our firmware version. 

2) I use the program usbprns3. The order made there from. Perhaps you can’t do this (for order the firmware you need points). But this program is useful for firmware upgrade. 

You can download the latest version of usbprns program here.

The printer is already connected. All the drivers installed. Open the usbprns3. Going to the Main menu. The program has identified the type of printer (3400) and its serial number. 


Further action on the screen:

the firmware version update process

Link to the firmware version will appear in the chat. Download it. Unpack and put into the program. 

the firmware version update process

After verification press Fixit. I had to wake up the printer pressing the power button.

The strip below should reach the end. DO NOT DO ANYTHING IN THESE MOMENTS!

the firmware version update process

The printer starts the firmware version update process. This process is short. We look forward to restart.

That’s all. But it is highly desirable to disconnect the CRUM port in this model.


Disconnected it.

The CRUM protection

Do it for purpose to ensure that if a client will put a cartridge with a chip in the printer it won’t change its internal crum for a new one. And the firmware will work. Read more here.

One more thing.

I removed the chip and print reports.



Indicator light is green. In report we see the letter F. 




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