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The Firmware Upgrade For Xerox 3100V

Here you can see the information about the firmware upgrade for Xerox 3100 with earlier versions. You can read about the methods of firmware upgrade version 2.07m and 2.07t.

You can upgrade the firmware version of the printer with the version 2.04u, 2.05w, 2.07g. In order to see your firmware version, press sequentially: [down arrow], [*] , V. If you have a different version of the MFP software you need to upgrade it. You can do it by using the Xerox Companion Suite, which comes on the disk with the driver, or you can ask me.

In order to check the firmware version of 3100 with fax:

Down Arrow - * - V (at the fax keyboard), and then "Start"

In this sequence for Xerox 3100with fax. V.2.07g boot V.3.01

Insert the smart card
2) Turn on the machine, check counters, and turn it off.
3) 24С16 unsolder 7 stand.
4) Lock out 7 and 8 stand on 24С16
5) Unsolder the microwire 93
6) Lock out 1 and 4 in the microwire 93

Buy a programmable smart card for xerox 3100

If you don't have a card.

Unsolder the chip, check the dump, make a backup, broached, blocked the basket, solderedchip to the board (except 7 stand), turned on and checked, threw jumper from 7 to 8, assembled and checked.

Basket is the second microcircuit to keep the temporary data! It is located in the lower-left corner of the formatter. You needed to short-circuit the first and fourth stand, if you don't want returned the data of the counters after you broach the chip! First, stitched 24S16. Then short out the second chip. Only then solder lead  24S16 into it place. Check the device ability to work and after this test lock out the 7 to 8! 

Download Xerox 3100 g  dump on 12000 sheets

For the firmware vesrion 2.07m - place your order 


For beginners

In this article we want to show how to upgrade the firmware of the MFP Samsung 3100. All actions can be divided into three stages: disassembly the MFP, soldering and broach the chip, assembly the MFP.

Disassembly the MFP

At first, you should remove the paper tray and remove the front cover closing the cartridge. After that you need to remove the side plastic cover, to do this unbolt the two bolts and remove the four triggers. The first bolt is in front of the front cover (Figure 1), the second one is behind the paper seal which should be tear (if you break the seal, you will automatically lose your printer warranty, but you need to do it), Figure 2. There are two triggers at the bottom (you need to press on them), Figure 3. Another two triggers on the top (Figure 4). Unbolt two bolts. Presses on the bottom triggers. Сatch the upper trigger and take off the side cover.

Firmware Upgrade For Xero

Figure 1.

Firmware Upgrade For Xerox

Figure 2

Firmware Upgrade For Xerox 3100

Figure 3

Firmware Upgrade For Xerox 3100

Figure 4

You took the side plastic cover, and you can see the metal protective cover that must be removed (Figure 5). To remove it you need to unolt 3 bolts: infront (Figure 6), from the bottom (Figure 7) and behind (Figure 8).

Firmware Upgrade For Xerox 3100

Figure 5

Firmware Upgrade For Xerox 3100

Figure 6

Firmware Upgrade For Xerox 3100

Figure 7

Firmware Upgrade For Xerox 3100

Figure 8

Carefully remove a metal cover. Here the board you need to solder and broach (Figure 9,10).

the board

Figure 9

the board Xerox 3100

Figure 10

The first stap is complete. 

Soldering and broach the chip.

First you need to turn on the MFP and check the software version and version of MINIBOOT. The software can be GUWFMT or other. The MINIBOOT can be 2.05, 2.07. Press the menu button and press the asterisk. In the list that appears, select the desired section. (Figure 11,12,13).


Figure 11

firmware version xerox 3100

Figure 12

firmware version xerox 3100

Figure 13

In order to work you need to reset the counter of printed pages that is located in the chip 24S16. We are going to work with it. You need to do this microcircuit by soldering iron, it's better to work with hairdryer. Soldering iron should be grounded to prevent static shockof the board. You should work at a temperature of 260-300 degrees. if you're soldering at high temperatures, it's possible to overheating the board. In case of overheating the glue holding the board track loses its property and the track fly off (Figure 14). If it have happened, you can solder to the redundant outputs (Figure 15).

the board xerox 3100

Figure 14

the board xerox 3100

Figure 15

Once you do the chip 24S16 you need to broach it, in line with the software version and version of MINIBOOT. You can do it with programming tool for microchip or you can use an ordinary programmer with two resistors. If you want you can not doing it and solder already stitched chip. Stitched chips you can buy in our online store (chips for Xerox 3100). Now you have the needed chip and you need to solder it back, it should be done carefully. Before soldering the chip you need to lift the seventh stand, and solder another. Now you need to turn on the printer (MFP) and print out a paper. Make sure that you have the 98% of toner. Then you need to turn off the printer and continue soldering. It's necessary to solder the seventh and eighth stand of chips together as shown in Figure 16, 17. The seventh stand don't solder to the board!

the board xerox 3100

Figure 16

the chip xerox 3100

Figure 17

After soldering you need to clean the surface with alcohol from a flux of rosin. The result should be as shown in Figure 18.

solder the seventh and eighth stand

Figure 18

If you don't want to have the message "Toner Low", you need to do the following actions with a chip (Figure 19).

the basket

Figure 19

Doing the strap between the first and fourth stand (Figure 20).

the strap

Figure 20

If you have a "T" and "M" software vesrsion, you need to "snack" 8 stand.

This step is complete. Our next step: Assembling the MFP.


Assembling the MFP

Set in its place a metal protective cover, screwed all bolts (Figure 22).

Assembling Xerox 3100

Figure 22

Put on the plastic side cover, fastened all triggers and screwed two bolts. Put on the front cover and insert the paper tray (Figure 23). Turn on the printer and make sure that the MFP ready-to-work. In this case we did everything right.

Xerox 3100

Figure 23

Examples of bad soldering, not ours. 

Example 1

Example 1

Example 2

Example 2 

Example 3

Example 3

Example 4

Example 4

Example 5

Example 5 

Example 6

Example 6

Example 7

Example 7

Example 8

Example 8


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