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The firmware upgrade of Samsung CLP-365 CLP-365W

The firmware version upgrade of Samsung CLP-365 CLP-365W.

The firmware upgrade of this printer isn't different from the other models, but there are some nuances. I decided to write this article, I think it will be useful.

Here our printer.

Прошивка clp-365

He asked the new ink cartridges.

Here it is from the inside:

прошивка samsung 365

New chip

Прошивка samsung clp-365w

You need two reports for the firmware upgrade - supplies report and configuration report.

In order to print the report you need yo holg the "Stop" button (orange button with a cross) and count the green signals.

With one green lights - will print the configuration report, with two - you will see the "error". If you will keep holding the button it will print the supplies report.

Here is the configuration report. You can see the firmware version and the serial number. 

Report clp-365

In the supplies report looking for the number of crum of the black cartridge.

I can to ugrade the firmware only in the forcing mode. You can do it holding the buttom ECHO.

If you're the beggining you need to turn off the printer, hold the ECHO button, turn on the ptinter, wait untll all light of toner lit up and then release the button.

I use the usbprns3 for the firmware upgrade process, you can use usblist2.

We wait until the printer has restarted, and then seal the chip with tape. I don't recommend you to disconnect connector from the bottom you can lost the developing unit.

 the chip clp-365

Now your printer is indicated the green lights.

the firmware upgrade samsung clp-365

There no difference in the cartridge from 320 and others. The toner is the same.

the cartridge CLP-365

Buy the firmware for CLP 365w

Buy the firmware for CLP 360





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