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Recover the Xerox 3155, Samsung ml-2525, ml-1910

In this article we want to show and to tell you how you can to restore your printer Xerox Phaser 3155, Xerox Phaser 3140, Samsung ML-2525, Samsung ML-1910 after the wrong firmware. First you need to know what the model do you have and what the firmware you are "filled" in the printer:

If you have Samsung ML 1910 or Xerox Phaser  3140 and you have filled the firmware of Samsung ML 2525 or Xerox Phaser then your computer didn’t recognize the printer. The core of the 2525 or 3155 are looking for the ISP chip, which located only in the new models and don’t sent it directly into the USB port. You can simulate the presence of this chip or through the JTAG update it into the Jupiter4e or transplant the Jupiter4e processor, but these methods are difficult to implement and expensive.

If you have Samsung ML 2525 or Xerox Phaser  3155 and you have filled the firmware of Samsung ML 1910 or Xerox Phaser 3140, it is possible to restore your printer to its original state.

If you have a second case, it is possible to restore the printer to its original state and upgrade it again.

To do this you need to soldered to the Jupiter4E processor and upgrade with the original firmware, then upgrade it with the working firmware. The entire sequence we describe below on the Xerox Phaser 3155 (Figure 1).

xerox 3155 общий вид

(Figure 1)

All actions can be divided into three steps: disassembly, soldering the Jupiter4E, assembly and upgrade the printer firmware.



Begin with remove the paper tray, which can interfere. Unbolt the 5 bolts on the back cover (Figure 2)

xerox разборка

(Figure 2)

разбираем xerox 3155

(Figure 3)

Remove the back cover and now we can see the motherboard and the processor, to which we have to work (Figure 4, 5).

плата xerox

(Figure 4)

плата 3155

(Figure 5)

In order to show you it in the details we will take the plate with a metal base. First, you have to unbolt 8 bolts, for this we will put the printer on its side (Figure 6,7,8,9,10,11).

снимаем плату xerox

(Figure 6)

снимаем плату

(Figure 7)

ремонт xerox

(Figure 8)

снимаем плату

(Figure 9)

снимаем плату

(Figure 10)

снимаем плата

(Figure 11)

To remove the metal base with the plate you need to disconnect the ribbon plate as shown in Figure 12.

плата xerox

(Figure 12)

Remove the metal base, unbolt the three bolts. Take out the plate (Figure 13).

плата xerox

(Figure 13)

We are interested in the Jupiter4E processor, in it we will be upload the original firmware (Figure 14).


(Figure 14)

Our next step is soldering the processor Jupiter4E.

Soldering the processor Jupiter4E.

Take unnecessary USB-cable, cut off the connector, which is connected to the printer. We strip the wires, VCC- wires on the USB-cable is not needed. We need to be careful with it because if you touch VCC-wires to contact on the plate when your USB-cable is connected the chip, the resistors on the plate will be burn. So we are strapped the wire with the electrical tape. We need a GND, Data + (D +), Data- (D-), Figure 15.

распиновка usb

(Figure 15)

On the Jupiter4E processor we need the 46,48,49 feet. It is necessary to connect the 46 and 48 feet through the 1.5 ohm resistor and solder to it the D +, to the 49 foot you need to solder the D-. GND bolted to a metal base by using the bolts (Figures 16,17,18,19).

пайка Юпитер

(Figure 16)


(Figure 17)

припаяли юпитер

(Figure 18)

прошиваем юпитер

(Figure 19)

For convenience, we show you a schematic drawing of how to solder - Figure 20.


(Figure 20)

The soldering should be careful, don’t connecting the processor legs together with the tin. After soldering clean the rosin and the flux with alcohol!

The next step: Assembling the printer and upgrading. 

Assembling the printer and upgrading.

You need to assemble is in the reverse order. Install the metal base with the plates on its place, insert all ribbon cables back and fasten all 8 bolts.

Connect the power supply to the printer, turn it on. The USB cord that we soldered to the processor connected to the computer. Through a special program, for example USBPRNS fill in the printer the original firmware. We look forward to when the process will end, turn off the printer, turn the printer on and check the printer. If it read turn off the printer. 

Carefully unsolder the USB cable, you can’t remove the metal base. Insert the back cover on its place, fasten 5 bolts. 

Connect the normal USB cable to the printer, fill the working firmware. The printer is ready.


Note on pinout, the USB d + and d- may be swapped


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