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Chip PC-110E for Pantum P2000/ P2050/ M5000/ M5005/ M6000/ M6005 (Code: 1606)

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Chip PC 100E (EUR), for Pantum cartridge PC-110E

5000 pages of yield.

Is compatible with Pantum P2000/ P2050/ M5000/ M5005/ M6000/ M6005.

Chip replacement instruction:

1.  Carefully braek off a chip;

2. Pull out the chip from the slot;

3. Put a new chip in the slot;

4. It is necessary carefully seal the contact group after instalation.

For refilling - it is recommended to use Samsung toner

P2000, P2050, M5000, M5005, M6000, M6005 - Europe


Don't let printer to upgrade, after that the updating firmware version works incorrect.

If a printer and a firmware version are old - then a chip works eternally. 
if a firmware version is updated - then the cartridge chip counts about 5000 pages.
before delivery all chips are checked for start on our printer. 

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Comments, 16.01.2017
Какой именно контакт питания нужно заклеивать?, 26.07.2016
Добрый день! По госзакупкам ожидается поставка МФУ Pantum M6500. Какие к нему нужны чипы, тонер, фотобарабаны?
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