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Continuous Ink System (CISS) for epson photo r290 t50 t59 (Code: 1)

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Manufacturer: Xiamen
from 5 pcs. 10.20 USD / pcs.
from 5 pcs. 10.20 USD / pcs.
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Continuous Ink System (CISS)  for Epson Photo r290 t50 t59 

Epson T50/T59/R290/R295/R390/RX590/RX610/RX615/RX650/TX650/TX659/TX700 SCSI (System of Continuous Supply of Ink)
For cartridges T0821N, T0822N, T0823N, T0824N, T0825N, T0826N

1. Buy Continuous Ink System and an ink set for it.
2. Fill tanks and pump over tubes and cartridges.

3. Install your CISS to the printer.

4. Clean the printhead.

5. Watch the level of ink in tanks, for dumping of the autochip it is necessary to remove the carriage in a position of cartridge replacement and push the dumping button.

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