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CISS 178 (4 cartridges with ARC) for HP DeskJet 3070a, 3070, HP Photosmart 5510, B110 (Code: 1952)

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Manufacturer: China
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CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) 178 for HP DeskJet 3070a, 3070, HP Photosmart 5510, B110, B110b (CN245C), 6510, B010b (CN255C), B210b, 5515, B109, B109c, B209a, 5520, B110a, C410, B209, B210b, B109q, B109g, B109r, B110d, B110e 

The cartridge set has 4 items with autoreset chips. They are compatible with original certridges:  CB316HE, CB318HE, CB319HE, CB320HE, CB321HE, CB323HE, CB324HE, CB325HE.

The compatible chips work as original after the first cycle - they doesn't show ink level and doesn't block printing. After the first installation of CISS the printer may display the low ink message and ask to change cartridges. To continue press "OK" on the panel. Pay attention on a special sensor under the cartridges which doesn't give print without ink.


  • HP PhotoSmart PS B010b, B110b, B109c, B110a, B209 Wireless, B210b
  • HP Photosmart B109q, B109g, B109r, B110d, B110e, 6510, 5510, B110, 7510, B109, B209a, 5520, 
  • HP Photosmart Premium Fax C410
  • DeskJet 3070A, 3070

Incompatible with B209b!

During installation be sure that air nozzles (with plugs) are open. 

Cartridges without ink.


1) Switch off, unplug the printer when the carriage is on a position of cartridge replacement. Move the print head to remove cartridges and install CISS.

installation of the ciss

2) Extract the CISS from the box and find gaskets which need to put on the print head.

ciss 178

ciss b109c

3) Pump ink into the CISS as on the photos.


cartridge 178

4) Install the CISS in the printer.

ciss 8550

5) Fix the CISS tube in half on the both sides of the carriage.

ciss hp


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