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Registration on the site and ordering the goods

After you add chosen items to your shopping cart, you should check your order one more time

(name, price, total, change quantity if it's necessary or delete items if they were added by mistake). If your order is correct, click on the checkout button (pic 1).

Проверка заказа в корзине

If you have registered account, you should log in first. If you have no account then fill the form below with your contact information. It is necessary to fill out all cells of this form. If you have no Company or Flat, simply insert a dash there. In City cell you should write your State/City/Town. Full contact information is the key of the fastest delivery. If you want to write other address you should choose “another address: Yes” and fill all the address cells there. It will be used as shipping address (pic 2).

Заполнение контактных данных

Scroll down and choose preferred payment method. Our shop offers those methods: cashless payment for entities (pic 3), COD (pic 4), Liqpay (pic 5), bank transfer (pic 6), YandexMoney (pic 7), WebMoney (pic 8), cash (pic 9) and (pic 10).

Оплата с помощью безналичного расчета
Figure 3.

Оплата с помощью наложенного платежа

Figure 4.

Оплата с помощью LiqPay

Figure 5.

Оплата с помощью квитанции банка

Figure 6.

Оплата с помощью Яндекс.Денег

Figure 7.

Оплата с помощью WebMoney

Figure 8.

Оплата наличными

Figure 9.

Оплата ONPAY

Figure 10.

For example, let’s choose COD and scroll down. If you choose payment system you will be directed to the payment page. If it’s Onpay, you’ll see the button at the last page which will return you to our website.

Then you should choose shipping method. For example, let’s deal with the Russian Post. If you choose other payment method, you’ll have more shipping options such as courier, carrier, express post to the delivery point or to your door (pic 11).

Выбор метода доставки

Figure 11.

Scroll down and press agree near Return rules and restrictions and click the “proceed order” (pic 12).

Подтверждение  заказа

Figure 12.

If all the steps were correct, your shopping cart would be empty again, and you'll see our special thank you message. It means we received your order and it’s processing (pic 13).


Заказ завершен
Figure 13.

How to track your order – link

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