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Set ink for Epson Expression XP-620 XP-520 XP-510 XP-820 series 5 color*100gr (Code: 1162)

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Manufacturer: Ink-Mate
from 5 pcs. 7.00 USD / pcs.
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Weight: 0.5 Kg
Ink : 100gr
Set : Yes
Quantity in stock: 904

Set ink for Epson Expression XP-620, XP-520, XP-510, XP-820, XP-600, XP-605, XP-700, XP-800, XP-615, XP-710, XP-810, XP-820  series

In set 5 color, each bottle 100gr

Colours Black Pigment, Photo Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow 

Made in Korea

Ink for Epson Expression Premium XP-620, XP-520, XP-510, XP-820, XP-700/800, XP-710, XP-810, XP-820 allows to reduce cardinally print cost without quality loss.

Pigmentary (aren't dissolved by water)  BK Pigmant ink and water BK , Cyan, Magenta, Yellow of the South Korea production can be used for CISS and the refilled cartridges in Epson printers of the series Expression Premium XP-620, XP-520, XP-510, XP-820 .

Ink possesses the increased light resistance at the expense of stabler blue dye  which the long time keeps bright and saturated color. It is important for users who store prints not in albums (pictures on walls, inserts under glass etc.).

Pigmentary dyes are steadier against moisture and light, are less whimsical to paper and provide very high definition of prints (comparable with laser printers) - they are used in a black inkwell for the printing of documents. Water-soluble ink in color cartridges is intended for the press of a photo and other images, guaranteeing a worthy color rendition and high resolution.

The set includes ink of 5 flowers in 100 гр. to packing:

black pigmentary BKP 115 (analog of DuraBrite Black),
black water BK 140 (Black),
blue water light-resistant C 140 (Cyan),
purple water M 140 (Magenta),
yellow water Y 140 (Yellow).
Dyes are packed up in tight 100g. bottles (kryshka+zapayka) are also compatible to the following original cartridges (No. 26 or 26XL on packing with a polar bear):

black cartridge of 26 T2601 (C13T26014010) series, 26XL of the T2621 (C13T26214010) series,
T2611 (C13T26114010), T2631 (C13T26314010),
blue cartridge of 26 T2612 (C13T26124010) series, 26XL of the T2632 (C13T26324010) series,
purple cartridge of 26 T2613 (C13T26134010) series, 26XL of the T2633 (C13T26334010) series,
yellow cartridge of 26 T2614 (C13T26144010) series, 26XL of the T2634 (C13T26344010) series,
and also are compatible to cartridges on the market of the USA: 273 (T2701, T2712-T2714) and 273XL (T262, T2732-T2734)
This German ink SNPCh (SBPCh) and PZK (DZK) for 5-colored printers and the Epson MFP refuel

XP-600/605, XP-610, XP-700/800, XP710/810, XP820.
and a set of other models (specify at our operators).

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