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Set universal ink for HP HP177 6 color *100gr (Code: 153)

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Manufacturer: Ink-Mate
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Weight: 0.6 Kg
Ink : 100gr
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Set universal ink for HP  HP177  color 6*100gr

Water-soluble (are dissolved by water) ink of the Ink-Mate HIM 311A/311C series is suitable for refill of almost all CISS and the refillable cartridges for six-color printers and the Hewlett-Packard printers and MFP for replacement of original dyes "HP Vivera".

Capacities of six flowers are included in the package:

black HIM-311A/311CB Black for HP C8721HE (177 Black), C8719HE (177XL Black),
blue HIM-311A/311CC Cyan for HP C8771HE (177 Cyan),
purple HIM-311A/311CM Magenta for HP C8772HE (177 Magenta),
yellow HIM-311A/311CY Yellow for HP C8773HE (177 Yellow),
light blue HIM-311A/311CC Light Cyan for HP C8774HE (177 Light Cyan),
light-red HIM-311A/311CLM Light Magenta HP C8775HE (177 Light Magenta).
Ink-Mate HIM311A/311C ink is packed up 100 ml bottles and is suitable for use in refillable cartridge and Cissinstead of original Vivera paints in HP 177 cartridges.

Are compatible to all printers and the PhotoSmart printers and MFP on cartridges of HP 177 and HP 177XL:

3110, 3210, 3213, 3310, 3313, 8230, 8250, 8253,
C5100, C5140, C5150, C5180, C5183, C6100, C6150, C6180, C6200, C6240, C6250, C6280, C6283, C7180, C7183, C7250, C7275, C7280, C7283, C7288, C8180, C8183,
D6160, D7100, D7145, D7155, D7160, D7163, D7263, D7300, D7345, D7355, D7360, D7363, D7460, D7463.
Broad color coverage of these paints allows to reach the most exact color rendition and a high saturation of colors, and small time of drying increases comfort and speed of the press. Application of high-quality components by production InkMate provides high resistance to fading on the majority of materials and allows to use this inexpensive analog of HP Vivera ink in any area - from house to the high-exacting commercial press.

Are made in South Korea at Alphachem Co plant.

Photo Black, Cyan, Light Cyan, Magenta, Light Magenta, Yellow.


PhotoSmart-3100ser ,3200ser, 3213, 3300ser, 3310 , 3313, 8200ser, 8230, 8253, C5100ser, C5183, C6100ser
C6183, C6200ser, C6283, C7100ser,C7183, C7200ser, C7283, C8100ser, C8183, D7100ser, D7163, D7200ser
D7263, D7300ser, D7363, D7400ser, D7463

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