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Samsung printer firmware (Code: 102)

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Reset chip firmware for Samsung and Xerox printer and MFP 

The  firmware are order online. You will get reset after 5 minut after payment. Generator online work in automatic mode 24-hours. A link to the firmware is sent to the specified email. Payment by card or Paypal.

If the ADD TO CART button is inactive, then check the data that you entered - the serial number of the printer and crum number toner cartridge. Remember that the serial number of the printer Samsung have 15 characters (Xerox 10 digits), and in the crum cartridge number 11 characters. You must use the characters only uppercase. If copy-past was used and the button is inactive, an invisible symbol may be inserted, in this case, fill the data with your hands.


Updatable firmware - firmware that you can easily overwrite in the future (Recommended)

NOT updatable firmware - firmware with overwrite protection, only if you are sure of the result!

Article about know crum 

Artickle how reset you printer

Article about reset troubl


 Xpress SL-M4070 v04.00.51.28 is first to be update by original in ( Link to download),

 Xpress SL-M4020 v04.00.51.31 is first to be update by original in, ( Link to download).

Xpress SL-M2070 with version higher then v.24 is first to be update by original in M2070_V3.00.01.24 ( Link to download) 

For order firmware do next steps

1) Look for you printer model

2) Choose version firmware ( can order upper version )

3) Write the serial number, crum

4) Click add to cart buttton

5) Click cheaqout, finish and pay order



Firmware SL series for compatibility:

Samsung Xpress SL-M2870FD / SL-M2870FW / SL-M2875FD / SL-M2875FW / SL-M2670F / SL-M2670FN / SL-M2675F / SL-M2675FN

Samsung Xpress SL-M2620/D/ND/ SL-M2625/D/ND/DW / SL-M2626/D / SL-M2820/ND/DW / SL-M2825/ND/DW / SL-M2826ND

Samsung Xpress SL-M3320ND / SL-M3325ND / SL-M3820ND / SL-M3820DW / SL-M3825ND / SL-M3825DW / SL-M3820D / SL-M3825D / SL-M4020ND / SL-M4025ND

Samsung Xpress SL-M3870FD / SL-M3870FW / SL-M3875FD / SL-M3875FW / SL-M4070FR / SL-M4075FR / SL-M4070FD / SL-M4075FD / SL-M3370FD/FW / SL-M3375FD/FW



Printer reset it is modified ( fixed ) firmware for work printer without chip after update firmware.

Counter page cartridge will be reset after turn of printer or reinstall cartridge.

You will receive firmware immediately after payment on you email.

Our service can offer you best price and service. Our operator always online – you can use online chat

Also we offer for you no limits generator fixed firmware Samsung and Xerox.



Model printer to be able for reset 

Version firmware printer and mfp

Price reset

Samsung SL-M2022
Samsung SL-M2024
Samsung SL-M2028
Samsung SL-M2022W
Samsung SL-M2024W
Samsung SL-M2028W

v3.00.01.04   v3.00.01.08 v3.00.01.11


Samsung SL-M2070
Samsung SL-M2074
Samsung SL-M2078
Samsung SL-M2070W
Samsung SL-M2074W
Samsung SL-M2078W

    v3.00.01.06   v3.00.01.08   v3.00.01.15   

v3.00.01.16   v3.00.01.17   v3.00.01.20


Samsung SL-M2070F 
Samsung SL-M2070FW
Samsung SL-M2074F
Samsung SL-M2074FW
Samsung SL-M2078F 
Samsung SL-M2074FW

v3.00.01.06   v3.00.01.08   v3.00.01.15   

  v3.00.01.16   v3.00.01.17   v3.00.01.20


Samsung SL-M2620
Samsung SL-M2620D
Samsung SL-M2620ND
Samsung SL-M2622
Samsung SL-M2625D
Samsung SL-M2625ND
Samsung SL-M2626
Samsung SL-M2626D
Samsung SL-M2820DW
Samsung SL-M2820WD
Samsung SL-M2825DW
Samsung SL-M2825ND
Samsung SL-M2826ND



Samsung SL-M2670F
Samsung SL-M2670HN
Samsung SL-M2670FN
Samsung SL-M2870FD
Samsung SL-M2870FW
Samsung SL-M2675F
Samsung SL-M2675FN
Samsung SL-M2675HN

v3.00.01.12   v3.00.01.13   v3.00.01.18   

v3.00.01.21   v3.00.01.23   v3.00.01.27


Samsung SL-M3320ND
Samsung SL-M3820D
Samsung SL-M3820DW
Samsung SL-M3820ND
Samsung SL-M4020ND

   v4.00.01.18    v4.00.01.29 v4.00.01.02   v4.00.01.13   v4.00.01.14


Samsung SL-M3375HD
Samsung SL-M3370HD
Samsung SL-M3370FD
Samsung SL-M3875HD
Samsung SL-M3875FD
Samsung SL-M3870HD
Samsung SL-M3870FD
Samsung SL-M3875HW
Samsung SL-M3875FW
Samsung SL-M3870HW
Samsung SL-M3870FW
Samsung SL-M4072HD
Samsung SL-M4072FD
Samsung SL-M4075HR
Samsung SL-M4075FR
Samsung SL-M4070HR
Samsung SL-M4070FR

v4.00.01.04   v4.00.01.12   v4.00.01.16






Printer reset

The firmware / reset of the printer is a procedure for updating the device software. This manipulation eliminates the purchase of a new cartridge and use the one that was before. As a rule, the action is called reset. Usually, It can be maked only once. To refill the cartridge can be as much as necessary after the procedure.

It is not always the process is successful and there is a risk of destruction of. Our reset all fully checked

What are kind of reset

Reset for printer are updated ( U ) and not updated ( NU ). Printer updated firmware allows for the upgrade process in next time, but you must be carefully printer cam update firmware on original version without you permission.

If you are not want reset device again, be sure to make this simple principles.

1. During operation, unplug the connect on the Internet.

2. Do not perform actions on the Internet under the administrator status.

3. Do not settle for a software update, which will offers Samsung.

4. If you are good in technology, the OS through the panel, enter the ban on the software update and run under the user. When you will be limited to the new account will appear, and its operating and you will work under it on the user rights, you are protected from outside interference.

5. If you can not understand all this, then turn off the machine while working in the network.

6. Or use reset with option no update ( NU )


How to reset printer Samsung ml2160, ml1660, ml1860

Why do it? Original cartridge Samsung d104s and d101s have chip what will block after about 700-1000 pages? And you cannot print. After each refill you are need replace or reprogram chip. After will reset printer or mfp you print so much as you have toner in cartridge.

For the start, you need to download the firmware to the printer, and place it in a special folder. Connect the device to a PC  install driver and go to the service mode ( usually run printer with press and hold stop button ). Drug and drop hd file on usbprns2. Wait until the indicator lights up in different colors and wait  until printer reboot, after reboot remove the cartridge, remove or tape chip, the cartridge and use it with pleasure.


 No limits generator fixed firmware Samsung and Xerox.

In near future Samsung will be make hard defence from printer reset with clon mode. Software will help you make reset for each printer with original Id – serial number printer or crum number cartridge. You can purchase software for make reset Samsung by link.


For order firmware for m2070 series on this page, you need to know printer model – as m2070, m2070f, m2070w, m2070fw, version firmware ( you can use 22 version firmware for reset 24 version ) and crum number ( use only original chip what not used in reset before )

Reset m2070 printer make in 2 steps

1)    For the firmware, you must first flash printer use file first_M2070_V3.00.01.20.hd ( it is original firmware )

2)    It is a reset a normal mode. Drag the firmware file first_M2070_V3.00.01.20.hd on usbprns2.exe loader file

3)    You are must wait until the printer restarts!

4)    Next, you need to keep the printer in forced mode! Example

5)    Start printer with holding Stop button, and the display will read press stop again to stop press

6)    Wait image displayed will now immediately start the firmware (do whatever is necessary without delay)

7)    FIX_XXXXXXXXXXX_Second_M2070_V3.00.01.20.hd drag the file to the downloader usbprns2

Firmware your equipment will provide you reusable cartridge refills without the need to purchase.

Cartridge refilling does not require large financial investments. However, one filling is not enough, the device will not work, it must be use firmware fix the generator only once. After this procedure, the cartridge can be refilled up to many times.

Xerox firmware generator is a device programming. The easiest solution would be tape left side of the chip. This stops the counter of printed pages. But what if you did not? Ideal - online firmware generator on this page. Operate it's pretty simple. It is enough to print the text of a computer program to identify the serial number and generate a file.

If you always need a firmwares for printers - choose an online firmware generator. 


Online generator usbprns3

How to Upgrade Your Firmware Version of Samsung printer SCX-3400

The set of free firmwares - here - a program to identify a serial number of a printer. 

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