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Firmware generator for Xerox 3250D 3250ND fix v 43 v 42 41 (Code: 281)

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Firmware generator for Xerox 3250D 3250ND fix v 43 v 42 41

The generator works with a printer serial number, and printer ignores chips. If you need to know correct serial number, look into the report or use program usbprns3. 

Write a correct serial number (use copy-past) to generate a firmware and click "SAVE".

v 43 and older are available. 


How to print a Configuration report Xerox Phaser 3250D / 3250ND

Attention! You can do this if your printer isn't blocked. Otherwise change chip on cartridge. 

1) Push and hold "STOP" button, and when indicator starts blinking after 5 sec stop pushing. 

2) If your printer is blocked or you hold the button longer then 5 sec - print another report Supplies Information, which doesn't have any useful information for updating. 


Bootloader mode Xerox Phaser 3250D / 3250ND: 

1) Switch off the printer and push "STOP" button and hold it.

2) Switch on the printer and after several seconds stop pushing the button. 

For upgrading: 

- Connect the printer to computer. 

- Computer should recognize the machine as unknown gadget. 

- You don't need to download drivers. 

- You can use usbprns3 or usblist2.

- Wait the process of sending of firmware to printer, upgrading to reboot of printer. 

- Remove or hide chip. 


Attention! With that process you lose a guarantee


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