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RC ( Refilled cartridge ) for Canon Canon W6400/ W6200 without chip (Code: 700)

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Manufacturer: Xiamen
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RC ( Refilled cartridge ) for Canon   Canon  W6400/ W6200 without chip

Without chip. For work of a set it is necessary to replace chips from originals to the refilled cartridges. For further work - to press the button cancellation.

Capacity cartridge 300ml

In set 6 cartridges

Canon BCI-1431PC
Canon BCI-1431PM
Canon BCI-1431M
Canon BCI-1431C
Canon BCI-1431Y
Canon BCI-1431Bk

How refill cartridge Canon W serias inks

It is very easy and simple to refill ink to the Reffiable Cartridges of Canon W series, there are two holes on the cartridge, you just use a injector with a short needle to puncture one hole (to make an air entrance), then replace the injector with a long needle to fill ink into cartridge.

1. Double click "ONLINE" on the printer panel(the one often light green), then right click and find "SYSTEM".
2. Press down key and find "STOP INK", then press down key and find "BK INK TANK", press OK.
3. Find "STOP FUNCTION?NO", press right key and find "STOP FUNCTION?YES", OK.
4. "YES" will change to "=YES", when "=" disappeared, the black chip will be blocked.
5. return to the menu of "BK INK TANK", repeat step 3 and 4 to block other 5 chips.

When all the chips were blocked, the printer won't ask you for new cartridge again.

For reset maintenance counter

Off Printer. 
Press button paper source & info button together then power on the printer. 
Hold the button paper source & info together until you see the service mode....
Look for W-INK...and reset.

If the above do not work pls try the same procedure but press button paper source & online button together.

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