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Refilled cartridges for HP 177 ARC (Code: 41)

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Manufacturer: Xiamen
Price: 12.00 USD
Bonuses for buy: 0.36 USD
plus shipping
Weight: 0.09 Kg
Quantity in stock: 19

Refilled cartridges for HP 177
with Auto Reset Chip
For HP Photosmart 3110, 3210(v,xi), 3213, 3310(xi), 3313, 8230, 8250, 8253, C5100, C5140, C5150, C5180, C5183, C6100, C6150, C6180, C6200, C6240, C6250, C6280, C6283, C7180, C7183, C7250, C7275, C7280, C7283, C7288, C8180, C8183, D6160, D7100, D7145, D7155, D7160, D7163, D7263, D7300, D7345, D7355, D7360, D7363, D7460, D7463 - №177.

6 cartridges in the set.
For cartridges C8719HE, C8771HE, C8772HE, C8773HE, C8774HE, C8775HE.

1. Buy refilled cartridges and an ink set.
2. Remove a chip from an original cartridge and transfer it to special place on the refillable cartridge.
3. Fill the cartridges and set them to your printer.
4. Clean the printhead.
5. Watch the level of ink in cartridges.


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