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Universal Nand SPI Flash programmer ProMan (Code: 2124)

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Manufacturer: China
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ProMan NAND Programmer

ProMan Professional programmer repair tool copy NAND FLASH data recovery
NAND ProMan is a Professional programmer. It can support 16M-4G popular NAND flash chips and will add more supported devices in the future. It's good Repair Tool in many fields, such as automobile DVD GPS, automobile multimedia, data recovery and so on.
Software( in English or in Chinese) download link: please click Here
Package include:
one pcs Proman Programmer
one pcs NAND ZIF adapter
one pcs NOR ZIF adapter
one pcs USB cable
one tweezers
- can automatically detect NAND FLASH model and show bad block information.
- user can define new chip model and parameters to support more devices
- can "Read, Program, Verify or Erase" NAND Flash chips
- can revise or remove bad block flag
- support operating Spare Area (oob area)
- can read data from source chip and copy it into another new chip
- Powered by USB2.0 port, communication speed is high, easy to use
- Tested actually many manufacturers' NAND chips, such as Samsung, Hynix, Micron

128 Mbps: HY27US08281A
256 Mbps: HY27US08561A
512 Mbps: H27U518S2CTR, HY27US08121A, HY27US08121B
1 Gbps: HY27UF081G2A, HY27UF081G2M, H27U1G8F2BTR, HY27SF081G2M (1.8 V)
2 Gb: HY27UF082G2B, H27U2G8F2CTR
4 Gb: H27U4G8F2D *
8 Gb: H27U8G8G5D *, HY27UG08 *
128 Mbps: K9F2808U0A, K9F2808U0B, K9F2808U0C
256 Mbps: K9F5608U0A, K9F5608U0B, K9F5608U0C, K9F5608U0D
512 Mbps: K9F1208U0A, K9F1208U0B, K9F1208U0C,
1 Gbps: K9F1G08U0A, K9F1G08U0B, KK9F1G08U0C, K9F1G08U0D, K9F1G08U0E
2 Gb: K9F2G08U0A, K9F2G08U0B, K9F2G08U0C
4 Gb: K9F4G08U0A, K9F4G08U0B-PCB0, K9F4G08U0C, K9F4G08U0D-SCB0, K9G4G08U0 *
8 Gb: K9G8G08U0A, K9G8G08U0M, K9K8G08U0A, K9F8G08U0M
128 Mbps: NAND128W3A *
256 Mbps: NAND256W3A *
512 Mbps: NAND512W3A *, NAND512W3B *, NAND512R3A * (1.8 in)
1 Gbps: MT29F1G08 *, MT29F1G08ABADAH4: D (FBGA63), NAND01GW3B *
2 Gb: MT29F2G08 *
4 Gb: MT29F4G08 *
1 Gbps: S34ML01G1, S34ML01G2, S34MS01G1 (1.8 V)
2 Gb: S34ML02G1, S34ML02G2, S34MS02G1 (1.8 V)
4 Gb: S34ML04G1, S34ML04G2, S34MS04G1 (1.8 V)
8 Gb: S34ML08G1, S34ML08G2
1 Gbps: F59L1G81A
1 Gbps: MX30LF1G08AA-TI, MX30LF1G08AA-XKI (FBGA63, 3.3 V)
1 Gbps: A5U1GA31ATS, A5R1GA31ATS (1.8 V)
2 Gb: A5U2GA31ATS
8 Gb: A5U8GA31ATS
128 Mbps: TC58DVM72A1FT00
512 Mbps: TC58DVM92A1FTI0, TC58DVM92A5TA00
1 Gbps: TC58NVG0S3, TC58DVG02D5TA00, TC58NYG0S3EBAI4 (FBGA63, 1.8 V)
2 Gb: TC58NVG1S3
4 Gb: TC58NVG2S3
32 Mbps: AFND5608U1-CKAK, AFND5608U1-CKCK (FBGA63)
64 Mbps: AFND1208U1-CKA
1 Gbps: AFND1G08U3-CKA
1 Gbps: W29N01G *
Indeed no flash support list (in future update):
AM29LV800BT *, AM29LV800BB *,
SST39VF6401B *, SST39VF3201B *,
SST39VF6401 *, SST39VF3201 *, SST39VF1601 *, SST39VF160 *
JS28F320C3B *, JS28F320C3T *, TE28F320C3B *, TE28F320C3T *
M28W320FCB, M28W320FCT
M29W160EB *, M29W160ET *
S29AL004D *, S29AL008D *, S29AL008J *, S29AL016J *, S29JL032H *, S29GL032N *, S29JL064H *, S29JL064J *, S29GL064N *, S29GL128P *,
S29GL256P *
EN29LV160B *

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