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Cleaning liquid for HP print heads 1L (Code: 1294)

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Manufacturer: Fix-Printer

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Cleaning liquid for HP print heads 1000gr

The basic cleaning ( service ) liquid (Rinse Solution Liquid) in packing of 100ml is intended for washing and cleaning of cartridges and printing heads of ink, blockages and dust. Is suitable for all types of jet cartridges and printers with a thermoinkjet printing: HP . Is suitable for complex rinsing of system of the press at change of ink.

Has a white color, transparent for light e. Use service liquid according to the instruction on use of the cleaning liquid, with heating. Starts working as washing only after heating to 35 degrees and above, and when heating more than 35 Celsius the washing ability considerably doesn't increase.

It isn't intended for rubbing of the case of the printer!

Cleaning liquid for printing HP heads. In structure there is a powerful tool for dissolution of dye of ink. Allows to reanimate the deepest blockages of heads of the printer.


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Cleaning liquid for HP print heads 100gr
Cleaning liquid for HP print heads 100gr
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