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Where is my order

How to get you get your order withot any problems.

Once you have found out all components you need and complete a purchase you want to know at what stage is your order now.

After sending your order and if the cell phone number is correct, you'll receive a message. Which will indicate that your order was shipped.

Also you will recieve e-mail likw this one




Passage of risk and warranties


(1) If the customer picks up the goods, then the risk of accidental loss or accidental damage to the goods shall pass from fix-printer to the customer at the time when the goods are transferred to the customer. If fix-printer ships the goods to the customer the risk shall pass to the customer which is a merchant as soon as the goods are handed over to the carrier. If the customer is a consumer the risk shall pass as soon as the carrier has delivered the goods to the consumer.

(2) The warranty period shall begin at the time when the goods are delivered. The statutory warranty provisions shall apply.

(3) Provided that the customer is a consumer, the periods of limitation for statutory claims for defects shall be two years for new goods and one year for used goods.

(4) If the customer is a merchant the limitation period for warranty claims is one year. fix-printer is authorised to choose between curing the defect and delivering a defect-free good as subsequent performance. Obvious defects in the products or the performance rendered by fix-printer must be notified in writing immediately, at the latest within fourteen days after receipt of the goods. If such defects are not notified in time, the goods are deemed to have been approved and accepted, with all inherent warranty rights expiring.

(5) fix-printer shall not be liable for normal wear and tear of the good or defects which are a result of incorrect or negligent handling or treatment or which are caused by unusual conditions of use.


Shipping Methods

Available Shipping Methods:

DPD - the best quality-price ratio, for the small cargo at the rate of DPD Parcel, for the larger cargo DPD Economy.

Price calculation is carried out automatically on the site also available the cash payment on delivery.


Courier to the door

With the CDEK courier services the delivery time is about from 2 days (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don) to 6 days (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Vladivostok). Shipping costs are calculated automatically.


You can pickup your orders from our shops in Volgograd, Ufa, Ulyanovsk, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod

Store location


Russian Post - by normal mail or first-class mail. Shipping cost according to the tariffs of Russian Post. Dispatch take place three times a week - on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. After sending the parcel we will send you the message with the tracking the number and duplicate it in your mail. 

Track and trace of postal items

Transport company delivery. Delivery your order to you according to the tariffs of the transport company. Shipping takes place on the day of the payment arrival or the next day. 

Deliery to the transport company is paid, but for the regular customers it's free. We are working with the such transport companies as the JelDorExpedicia, Delovie linii, Energiya, PEK, Ratek.

Example of shipping calculation in KIT transport the company


Your payment options


Payment Options:

1. PayPal
You can also pay for your purchases at by using the PayPal. PayPal is an online payment service which you can use to pay your purchases easily and fast. Sign up for a PayPal account and you can instantly send the payments online by using your bank account or your credit card.

See how easily PayPal works:

Add any products into your shopping cart.
Choose PayPal as the payment method to optimize your postage fees and choose your preferred shipping method.
Follow the shop instructions
Before you finalize your order at, PayPal asks you in a separate window to arrange for the payment. Once this process has been completed, you finalize your order at As soon as PayPal informs us about the receipt of payment and your product ordered is available, we arrange immediately for the delivery.

By the way: You do not need to be a registered PayPal customer to use this payment method. You can also sign up for a PayPal account during the payment process.

Important information:

For security reasons your order will be delivered to the address of your PayPal account. It is not possible to use a different shipping address or to use a DHL packing station or a pickpoint. Please note that it is also not possible to pick up your product if you pay by using PayPal.
If you have any problems with your order or with the delivery, please contact our customer service first.
For further information about PayPal please enter the


Credit card
When you pay your order by using the credit card your order will be shipped as soon as all ordered items will be in stock and ready for the shipping. You should place your order and submit billing information. If authorization succeeds, your order will be shipped as soon as it's in stock. The debit entry of your invoice amount takes place about to time of delivery! If there are any problems on debit the delivery will be detained and we will contact you.

We accept:
American Express Cards
Eurocards / Mastercards
Visa Cards

About us

About us

Registration on the site and ordering the goods

After you add chosen items to your shopping cart, you should check your order one more time

(name, price, total, change quantity if it's necessary or delete items if they were added by mistake). If your order is correct, click on the checkout button (pic 1).

Проверка заказа в корзине

If you have registered account, you should log in first. If you have no account then fill the form below with your contact information. It is necessary to fill out all cells of this form. If you have no Company or Flat, simply insert a dash there. In City cell you should write your State/City/Town. Full contact information is the key of the fastest delivery. If you want to write other address you should choose “another address: Yes” and fill all the address cells there. It will be used as shipping address (pic 2).

Заполнение контактных данных

Scroll down and choose preferred payment method. Our shop offers those methods: cashless payment for entities (pic 3), COD (pic 4), Liqpay (pic 5), bank transfer (pic 6), YandexMoney (pic 7), WebMoney (pic 8), cash (pic 9) and (pic 10).

Оплата с помощью безналичного расчета
Figure 3.

Оплата с помощью наложенного платежа

Figure 4.

Оплата с помощью LiqPay

Figure 5.

Оплата с помощью квитанции банка

Figure 6.

Оплата с помощью Яндекс.Денег

Figure 7.

Оплата с помощью WebMoney

Figure 8.

Оплата наличными

Figure 9.

Оплата ONPAY

Figure 10.

For example, let’s choose COD and scroll down. If you choose payment system you will be directed to the payment page. If it’s Onpay, you’ll see the button at the last page which will return you to our website.

Then you should choose shipping method. For example, let’s deal with the Russian Post. If you choose other payment method, you’ll have more shipping options such as courier, carrier, express post to the delivery point or to your door (pic 11).

Выбор метода доставки

Figure 11.

Scroll down and press agree near Return rules and restrictions and click the “proceed order” (pic 12).

Подтверждение  заказа

Figure 12.

If all the steps were correct, your shopping cart would be empty again, and you'll see our special thank you message. It means we received your order and it’s processing (pic 13).


Заказ завершен
Figure 13.

How to track your order – link

How is look for goods on

Вы хотите приобрести расходный материал для оргтехники или принтер, но не можете найти то что Вам надо, с помощью этой статьи мы покажем несколько способов поиска товара, если не нашли этот товар с помощью статьи, то возможно его у нас нет. На рисунке 1 показана шапка нашего сайта, попробуем найти и купить СНПЧ Epson XP 103, Чернила Epson XP серии, Промывочную жидкость для Epson, Тонер на HP 1010 разными способами.


Рисунок 1.

Для начала, я хочу заказать СНПЧ на Epson XP 103, спускаемся вниз и посмотрим Популярные товары нашего сайта. Видим что СНПЧ на Epson XP 103 есть там, рисунок 2, нажимаем на товар и переходим на страницу СНПЧ Epson XP 103.

Поиск с помощью колонки ''Популярные товары''

Рисунок 2.

Читаем информацию про СНПЧ. Обратите внимание на количество товара на складе, рисунок 3, если выбрать в заказе количество больше чем на складе, то вы не сможете завершить заказ.

Формирование цены, количества

Рисунок 3.

От количества единиц товара зависит цена, рисунок 4, если вы выберите количество 10, то цена изменится на 420 рублей. Выбираем нужное количество, нажимаем на кнопку В корзину.

Заказ 10 СНПЧ Epson XP 103

Рисунок 4.

Вы можете прокутить в низ и посмотреть Сопутствующие товары и видим чернила на Epson XP серию, для СНПЧ купим насколько комплектов чернил, нажимаем на товар и переходим на страницу товара, рисунок 5.

Поиск по сопутствующим товарам

Рисунок 5.

Выбираем нужное количество, смотрим на цену и количество заказываем нужное количество и нажимаем на кнопку В корзину, рисунок 6.

Заказ 5 комплектов чернил Epson XP серии

Рисунок 6.

Далее нужно приобрести Промывочную жидкость для Epson, сбоку видим Каталог товаров, находим Раздел промывочная жидкость, нажимаем на подраздел Промывочная жидкость для Epson, рисунок 7.

Поиск через каталог товаров

Рисунок 7.

Выбираем Нужный товар, промывочная жидкость для Epson 100мл., нажимаем на товар и переходим на страницу товара, количество заказываемого товара Вы можете регулировать с помощью кнопок, показанными стрелками, рисунок 8.

Выбираем нужный товар из списка

Рисунок 8.

Смотрим на цену и количество товара на складе, указываем нужное количество, можете напечатать цифру, либо с помощью кнопок и щелкаем в корзину, рисунок 9.

Приобретение промывочной жидкости

Рисунок 9.

Теперь найдем тонер для принтера HP 1010, в верху страницы находим поисковик и вводим туда запрос: Тонер hp 1010, рисунок 10.

Товар через поиск на сайте

Рисунок 10.

Выбираем нужную позицию, рисунок 11.

Выбор товара через поиск по сайту

Рисунок 11.

Устанавливаем количество 5, нажимаем на кнопку В корзину, рисунок 12.

Приобретение тонера

Рисунок 12.

Внизу будет Ваша корзина покупок, количеством товаров и суммой, нажмите на сумму вашего заказа и Вы увидите сколько позиций Вы заказали, если Вы выбрали всё что Вам нужно, нажимаем кнопку Оформить, рисунок 13.

Корзина покупок сайта

Рисунок 16.

Как оформить заказ вы можете посмотреть в статье ''Регистрация и оформление заказа''.

Как отследить свой заказ после оформления покупки - ссылка

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Search on the site



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