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How to become a representative in the region

If you place an order at our site, so you find something interesting for yourselves. What is not in your town, or is unreasonably expensive. In our shop the prices are low. 

If you are engaged to the service of office equipment, especially jet-ink, you know how it is difficult to find supplies for the new technology. New items in our store come quickly.

If you want to offer in your city the whole assortment of goods from our store, send an application. See our price list.

And to be represented in the list of cities available to the orde:


Your advantages:

1) The profit from sales in your area is yours

2) Increase the number of your customers

3) Enhance of your product offering


We offer the credit in 30.000 RUB for our dealers for the period of 2 weeks after signing the contract.

Cooperation with us:

The buyer places an order by selecting your city.

If you've the products in stock, you bought it earlier, you make a sale. Your income is the difference between buying and selling.

If the product is not available, it will sent from one of our stores and you release it to the client. Your income is a percentage of turnover. 

Our advantage: increased sales, increased speed of oreders processing. 

Send your request to e-mail - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


In the application note:

1) Purchase order number on our site. In which group of buyers on our website you are.

2) Volume of expected monthly purchases. What group of products you're interested in, what would you like to see in the offers.

3) The contact information - the address, phone number, your site and e-mail.


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